Internship FAQs

Q: Are internships required for LACUSL, LACS, or Latinx Studies?
A: Although internships are not required to graduate, they are highly encouraged.

Q: How do I receive credit for an internship?
A: Credit is not given just for participating in an internship, but rather through successful completion of the academic components (papers, projects, reflections, etc.) that you undertake during your internship. These academic exercises are to be outlined in a syllabus that you create with your UWM faculty supervisor. You will consult the Internship Coordinator to discuss which course to enroll in. Each academic program has two courses that you could enroll in, depending on your course of study:

LACUSL 289 or LACUSL 489; LACS 289 or LACS 489; LATINX 289 or LATINX 489

Q: Do I need to be declared in the major or certificates to participate in an internship?
A: No. Although if you are not yet declared, we strongly recommend that you have completed Latino Studies 101 or LACS 101, in addition to meeting with the Internship Coordinator prior to undertaking the internship.

Q. How do I enroll in one of those courses?
A: Prior to registering for the course, you must:
1. Have an internship and faculty supervisor already in place and approved by the Internship Coordinator.
2. Read and complete the Internship-Agreement-Form.
3. Submit the Agreement to your Internship Coordinator who will assist you in enrolling in the appropriate course.

Q: How do I find a faculty supervisor?
A: You can reach out to previous/current faculty members with whom you have taken courses related to LACUSL/LACS/Latinx Studies to inquire if they can supervise your internship. Make sure you don’t wait until the last minute to do this! You can also contact Internship Coordinator, Aimee Orndorf,, to assist you. A faculty supervisor will work with you to develop a syllabus and oversee the academic component of your internship.

Q: Will you arrange my internship for me?
A:  We can put you in contact with organizations that we have a relationship with that have established internship programs and looking for LACUSL/LACS/Latinx Studies students. After putting you in contact with an organization that you are interested in, you would then be responsible to continue working with the organization to establish details on your placement (schedule, project, assignments, expectations, etc.). This would also include applying to the organization’s internship position.
We can also provide you with suggested sites around Milwaukee. Additionally, you could seek opportunities on your own; however, you would need to seek approval by emailing the Internship Coordinator. It would be then up to you to work with the organization to arrange the internship.

Q: Do I get paid for the internship?
A: Whether or not you get paid through the internship is up to your internship site.

Q: Do I need to fill out any forms when enrolling in one of the internship courses?
A: Yes. You will need to fill out an Internship-Agreement-Form. Please note you will need a signature from your faculty advisor, site supervisor, and internship coordinator.

Q: Where are some places I can intern?
A: There are numerous opportunities with local organizations across Milwaukee, depending on your interests. You can also intern abroad in Latin America or the Caribbean, provided that the internship is approved by the Coordinator. Check the internship page for some suggestions. Previously, students have interned for the U.S. State Department.

Q: Where do the internship credits count in the program?
A: The credits will be applied toward the electives portion of the program.

Q: What are some other items I should keep in mind?
A: Students may only take up to 3 internship credits to count towards their program. They can take additional internships, but only up to 3 credits can be applied to one of their programs.