Undergraduate Programs

Isla Mujeres, México, Alida Cardós Whaley

Photo by alida cardós whaley at Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, México

LACUSL offers a Bachelors of Arts (BA) degree and an accelerated 3-2 LACUSL BA/MA Translation degree. UWM also offers two related certificates.


Unique among undergraduate programs offered nationally, the major in Latin American, Caribbean and U.S. Latinx Studies (LACUSL) integrates the study of Latin America and the Caribbean region with that of Latinx* communities within the so-called United States. The LACUSL major serves students interested in developing a deeper understanding of the cultures, histories, and contemporary issues of the Americas. It also serves students who will be working within the U.S. or internationally in health services, education, agriculture, the non-profit sector, trade, and government agencies.

Accelerated LACUSL BA / MA Translation

Our 3-2 accelerated degree program is ideal for students with a strong interest in translation and advanced language skills in French or Spanish. A student can complete both a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American, Caribbean and U.S. Latinx Studies (LACUSL) and a Masters of Arts in Translation and Interpreting Studies in five years instead of six with the 3-2 program. Students complete Undergraduate coursework in their first three years and then move into Graduate coursework for the final two. The options in the translation program are French to English, Spanish to English or English to Spanish.

Latinx Studies Certificate

The Latinx Studies Certificate utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to expand students’ knowledge of the experiences, cultures and history of Latinx communities within the so-called United States. The mission of the interdisciplinary Certificate in Latinx Studies is to enable students to analyze and evaluate the impact of U.S. Latinx world views, cultural complexities, histories, and life experiences within the context of U.S. society. And, to foster the development of new, critical approaches that enable students to transform their learning and sense of their roles in U.S. society.

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Certificate

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) Certificate offers a specific academic focus on Latin American and Caribbean experiences, including language, history, politics, and culture. Language proficiency in a language other than English that is widely spoken in the region is required. The LACS certificate differs from a minor in being interdisciplinary and allowing students to combine related courses in different disciplines to explore common themes. For example, a student interested in women’s issues in the region may examine the issue from various perspectives by taking literature, film, history, and political science classes.


* “Latinx” (La-teen-ex) is an inclusive term used to embrace all gendered and non-gendered identities of peoples with Latin American ancestry. “Latinx” specifically refuses to further silence and erase trans (non-binary and binary), gender non-conforming, non-binary, and genderqueer people.