Accelerated 3-2 LACUSL BA/MALLT-Translation

isla-mujeres-mexico-1-mural-with-pillarsPhoto: by alida cardós whaley (Isla Mujeres, México)

Our 3-2 accelerated degree program is ideal for students with a strong interest in translation and advanced language skills in French or Spanish. A student can complete both a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American, Caribbean and U.S. Latinx Studies (LACUSL) and a Masters of Arts in Language, Literature, and Translation in five years instead of six with the 3-2 program. Students complete Undergraduate coursework in their first three years and then move into Graduate coursework for the final two. The options in the translation program are French to English, Spanish to English or English to Spanish.

Students interested in this program should speak to the LACUSL Advisor very early in their college career to take advantage of the accelerated program benefits.