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Undergraduate Coursework in Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latinx Studies

LACUSL coursework is unique to each scholar. It is built by taking courses across campus departments, which is unique to interdisciplinary programs like ours. This means scholars may take courses in African and African Diaspora Studies, History, Theatre, Political Science, Spanish and more! Courses from other departments are independent of LACUSL but count towards our program.

Visit the Major Requirements page to see LACUSL coursework across the degree. Find upcoming semester course information immediately below. For the classes listed below, you can click on the course number to view more details about the meeting days, times, and place. For courses with multiple sections, continue to drill down to the section you are interested in.

Summer 2024 LACUSL Courses

No courses listed for this term.

Summer 2024: Additional Courses in Program

Fall 2024 LACUSL Courses

Fall 2024: Additional Courses in Program