Unit 5

Alif-Baa (3rd) Unit 5 Vocab Pt 1 Quizlet

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أوتوبيس Bus
دَرْس Lesson
شاي Tea
شَباب Young people; “guys”(Including mixed gender)
طيَّبَة Good, kind-hearted(as adjective);Ok, well…(as an interjection)
عن إذنكَ
عن إذنكِ May I be excused?
صفّ Class Classroom
مَعَ السَّلامة Good-bye
الله يسَلّمك reply to مع السلامة

Alif-Baa (3rd) Unit 5 Vocab Pt 2 Quizlet

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صَحيح Right! Correct!
أبْيَض White
أسْوَد Black
أخْضَر Green
شُكراً Thank you
عَفواً You’re welcome
مِن فَضلِكَ\كِ Please
آسِفة Sorry!
هُناك There is
لَيسَ هُناك There isn’t
فَقَط That’s all, only
شَيء Something
شَيء آخَر Something else

Alif-Baa (3rd) Unit 5 Video Skit

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Arabic 101 Alif Baa Unit 5: Vocabulary Matching 

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Arabic 101 Alif Baa Unit 5: Colors

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