Arabic 201 Resources

Navigate through this section and take advantage of all the extracurricular activities that have been designed to help you achieve higher language proficiency. In this section you will find a rich Quizlet content that goes hand in hand with units 9-13 in Al-kitaab Part 1. In addition, you will find new video productions that we have produced to help your oral production and language creativity.

To Teachers:

The video skits in this section are designed and developed as supplements to lessons 9-13 of  Al-Kitaab Part 1 (3rd Edition). The overall goal of these skits is to target the speaking skill of students through exposing them to a series of events which will require narration and creativity in the target language.

The themes and story lines in these skits have been carefully developed in order to match the vocabulary and grammar progress of the lessons in Al-Kitaab Part 1. Each skit has two versions, a silent version and a narrated version. The skits were also designed with the idea of recycling old vocabulary and grammar besides using new vocabulary and grammar.

Here is a step-by-step description of how to use these skits and activities in the classroom.

1) These skits should be introduced to the students at the end of each designated unit.

2) The instructor will either assign watching the silent version of the skit at home or play it in class. In small groups, students will be asked to talk about what they saw.

3) The instructor will show the silent quiz in class and ask the students to answer the questions. Instructors could also design their questions and present them in class.

4) Each skit has two possible endings. The instructor will ask the students to talk about what happens in both scenarios.

5) The instructor will divide the class into groups of 3-4 students and ask them to construct a complete narration for the skit. At the end of the alloted time, students from each group will talk to other students from other groups about their constructed story.

6) Instructor will assign the students to write their individual narrations and audio record them. Students should talk and write about the two possible scenarios at the end of each skit.

7) Instructor will assign the narrated version to be watched at home in addition to the narrated quiz.

Instructors can also design comprehension questions and present them in class or assign them to students at home.