IRB Application Form Now Active in I-Manager

The new IRB Application Form is now active! To submit a new study for IRB review, you’ll complete the IRB Application Form in I-Manager. Instructions for using the IRB Application Form and a preview of the application questions are on our website 
under the Forms tab (click on IRB Application Form).

The biggest change is that you won’t complete a separate protocol form and attach it to the submission. Instead, you’ll answer the protocol questions within the I-Manager IRB Application Form. There’s programming within the form so that questions will appear based on your responses. You’ll still attach your consent forms, recruitment materials, data collection instruments, and any other relevant study documents to the IRB Application Form in I-Manager.

The IRB Application Form is for new study submissions and won’t affect your current studies. You’ll need to continue to use and follow your protocol form for current studies.

We are excited for you to start using the IRB Application Form. We hope it will make the submission process more efficient. If you experience any issues with the new form, please let us know: / 414-662-3544.