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UWM IRB Newsletter Archives

Spring 2018
*IRB Chair update
*CITI training clarification
*2017 metrics report

Fall 2017
*Important reminders
*Post-approval monitoring
*Changes to federal regulations

Spring 2017
*New IRB members
*Tips for study IDs
*International research
*2016 metrics report

Fall 2016
*New IRB members
*Fall 2016 training sessions available
*Informed consent document tips

Spring 2016
*New IRB members
*IRB members’ research featured in UWM report
*Using devices in research

Fall 2015
*2015 IRB Satisfaction Survey Results
*New consent form templates
*2015 Metrics Report

Spring 2015
*The redesigned IRB website
*Reminder to take the 2015 User Survey
*A list of top ten things you can do to secure your research data- from UWM’s data¬†security office
*A refresher on FERPA with links to resources

Fall 2014
*New guidance documents on incentives, consent and working with multiple institutions
*New training sessions offered monthly
*How to determine if your project needs to be reviewed by the IRB
*Updates to the policy on Payments to Research Subjects

Spring 2014
*Logging in with your ePanther ID and password
*Introducing the collaboration function for x-forms
*Register for the Working Together workshop on March 11th
*Spring 2014 Training dates

*Results of the 2013 UWM IRB user survey
*Updates to IRBManager functions
*Data Confidentiality Guidance document
*Training opportunities

Spring 2013
*Welcome to new IRB members
*Online Survey Consent Template Available
*Reminder: Anonymous vs. Confidential
*Tip: Principal Investigator vs. Student Principal Investigator