Online self-paced training

Addressing Conceptual Gaps in Big Data Research Ethics

This recording of Dr. Michael Zimmer’s presentation on Oct 27, 2017 is available for those who were not able to attend in person. Dr. Zimmer is an expert in privacy and internet research ethics. In this talk, he discusses new gaps that have emerged in internet and big data research, and how the traditional definitions and ethical approaches don’t always apply.


When Research Goes Wrong

After you open this file, click the button to start the slide show. This self-paced module contains an overview of a number of ethical violations that have occurred in the past hundred years. It also gives the background and basic principles of the Nuremburg Code, the Belmont Report, and the regulations governing human subjects research (45 CFR 46).

Targeted discussion questions at the end of the module are included for instructors who wish to assign this material for their courses.