Consent Form Templates

Consent templates are provided as a convenience to our researchers. If you prefer to write your own consent document, you may do so, but be sure to include all required elements of informed consent.

Click here for guidance on informed consent from the Office of Human Research Protection (OHRP)

General Consent Form Templates

Standard Adult Informed Consent Form

Online Survey Consent Form – for studies collecting data via an online survey

Parental Permission and Child Assent Form Templates

Parent Consent Form – use in conjunction with the Child Assent form below

Child Assent Form – typically used for children ages ~6-12

Combined Parent Consent and Child Assent Form – Same as the Standard Adult Informed Consent; use with children ages ~12-17



ONLY for studies approved prior to August 2021: Waiver Request Form

If you’re using the new IRB Application Form in I-Manager, you do not need to submit the waiver as a separate document. The questions are included within the form.

This form should only be used when requesting a new waiver on existing studies.

Request to Waive, Waive Documentation of Consent, or Alter Consent
– Complete page 1 if you will not be obtaining consent, or if you will be removing elements of consent from the consent form.
– Complete page 2 if you’re not collecting a written signature on the consent form. You still also need to submit a consent script (see templates above).