Do you need to submit to the IRB?

Projects conducted by UWM faculty, staff and/or students require UWM IRB approval if they meet the regulatory definitions of (a) “research” AND (b) “human subjects”.

  • Does your project meet the definition of “Research”?
    Are you planning or conducting a project with the goal of generating scientifically valid results, which will be shared with other professionals in your field?
  • Does your project involve “Human Subjects”?
    Are you interacting with or observing people, in person or online, and collecting data about those people? OR are you obtaining or accessing identifiable, private information about people or identifiable biospecimens?

If you answer YES to the above questions, or if you’re not sure, please contact the IRB office to determine whether your project needs IRB approval. Alternatively, you can complete and submit a Determination Form.

The Determination Form may be used as:
(1) a tool to help you determine whether you need to submit a New Study to the UWM IRB, and/or
(2) formal documentation that you are not engaged in human subjects research that requires UWM IRB review/approval

Please email the completed form to The IRB staff will review and reply to you with their determination.

Turnaround time depends on workflow and the number of submissions received; please see our main webpage for a current estimate of review time.