Coming Soon: New IRB Application Form in I-Manager

The IRB office is excited to announce that a new IRB Application Form for submitting new studies in I-Manager is coming soon. The biggest change is that you won’t complete a separate protocol form and attach it to the submission. Instead, you’ll answer the protocol questions within the I-Manager IRB Application Form.


The new IRB Application Form has been designed with streamlined and modernized features. The submission form will only show you the questions that you need to answer, and will skip over questions that aren’t relevant for your study. The questions themselves have also been revised for clarity and accuracy, to make sure we’re collecting all of the information to properly review the study. The questions will be similar, but not quite the same as those in the current protocol form.


Our goal is that the IRB Application Form will make submitting a new study more efficient and intuitive. We also believe that it will improve our office’s ability to review new studies in a timely fashion.


The new IRB Application Form will launch on August 9, 2021. To help you learn about the changes, we’ll be sharing instructions and resources within the next two weeks. In addition, we’ll be launching a Canvas training course on the IRB submission process. We’ll keep you posted with further information.

Click here to view a PDF of the New IRB Application Form. All application questions are shown in the PDF. However, there is programming within the form, so many questions will appear only if you answer earlier questions a certain way when you’re completing the form in I-Manager.