Academic Integrity

Students in the School of Information Studies are expected to comply fully with UWM’s policies regarding academic integrity, published by the Office of Student Life in the UWM Student Handbook.

Online Communication and Nonacademic Misconduct

Online communication conduct must adhere to all UWM policies regarding student behavior. It is important for students to know that all incidents of misconduct, including those involving online communication that may violate Netiquette norms and expectations set by instructors, may be investigated by the Dean of Students Office via the UWM Chapter 17 process. Possible consequences can include disciplinary probation, removal from a course in progress, suspension or expulsion.

Failure to adhere to professional guidelines may be considered a violation of UWM expectations and policies, including those involving nonacademic misconduct. The UWM Student Handbook outlines in detail nonacademic misconduct in Chapter UWS 17 – Student Nonacademic Disciplinary Procedures. Nonacademic misconduct includes, but is not limited to, violations of our campus harassment and discriminatory behavior policy S-47 found at S-47 – Discriminatory Conduct Policy and Sexual Violence.

See Dean of Students website for more information:

Academic Misconduct

Student academic misconduct procedures are specified in Chapter UWS 14 and the UWM implementation provisions (Faculty Document 1686). See Dean of Students website for more information:

Reporting Student Conduct

Course instructors and fellow students may submit an Incident Report Form to the Dean of Students Office. Upon review, the Dean of Students Office may pursue further intervention and resolution.