MLIS Fieldwork

Library & Information Science Fieldwork (INFOST 990)

This Fieldwork in Library and Information Science Services course (INFOST 990) is designed to provide library and information science students with practical experience and offer students an opportunity to test theory in practice, to work with people in everyday situations, and to relate materials to library experience. Students must have completed all required courses prior to registering for the fieldwork experience.

IST Internship

Information Science & Technology Internship (INFOST 495)

This IST internship course (INFOST 495) is designed to provide IST students with practical experience. It is intended for students who have not had previous work experience in professional information technology settings. In order for the internship to count towards IST Upper Division Elective credits, students must enroll in INFOST 495 (3 cr.). Students must complete 12 credits in the IST major prior to beginning the internship.

Fieldwork in Archives & Manuscripts

Fieldwork in Archives & Manuscripts (INFOST 759)

Archival Studies concentration students are strongly encouraged to take 3 credits of Fieldwork in Archives and Manuscripts (INFOST 759). Archival students must have completed INFOST 650 before arranging a fieldwork opportunity.