The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, a leading educator of architects, engineers, business students, teachers, nurses and health professionals, has campuses in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Washington County. The University is committed to engaging with our local communities to make the region a strong economic engine for the state and beyond.

UWM works closely with government agencies across southeast Wisconsin. Engagement with local elected officials provides critical communication to help enhance the areas surrounding UWM and across the region. The University partners with local leaders to increase support for initiatives and investments that help the entire region.

In Milwaukee, relations with city government included quality of life eastside neighborhood connections with the aldermanic office in the third district and city agencies like the Milwaukee Police Department and Department of Neighborhood Services. City-wide partnerships also have UWM involved in the community and working closely with the entire Common Council and Office of the Mayor. UWM also works with aldermanic offices in districts where the University maintains a presence, including the School of Freshwater Sciences south of downtown and the School of Public Health and School of Continuing Education downtown.

UWM’s geographic diversity connects with additional government entities across the southeast Wisconsin. UWM partners with Milwaukee County officials on a number of initiatives, while also working with the Wauwatosa Common Council on matters pertaining to its Innovation Campus. The University also maintains relationships with county executives in both Waukesha and Washington Counties, advocations for the needs of and building a positive relationship on behalf of the UWM campuses in Waukesha and West Bend. UWM also maintains strong business and industry relationships across the region, working closely with the MMAC and Waukesha County Business Alliance.

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