UWM is currently seeking federal funding for key projects.

Connected Systems Institute – A Digital Lab to Assist Small and Medium Manufacturers

UWM’s Connected Systems Institute (CSI) has become a key tool in training students and employees alike to prepare for the future of digital manufacturing. World class faculty members and industry partners collaborate on research that supports the development of advanced manufacturing processes. This includes the Industrial Internet of Things, factory automation and implementing Industry 4.0 solutions. A new Digital Adoption Lab will allow CSI to better train students and employees at small and medium manufacturers on the types of new equipment they’ll encounter as industry modernizes.

Maggi Sue – New Research Vessel Will Help Protect Great Lakes

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, UWM is a national leader in Great Lakes and freshwater research. Its world-class faculty and scientists have delivered results that benefit the region and beyond. A big reason is the Neeskay, UWM’s main research vessel, which has facilitated Great Lakes research since 1970. Replacing it with a modern ship is crucial to understanding and protecting our greatest freshwater resources. The Maggi Sue will be the crown jewel of Great Lakes scientific exploration, and be one of the few research vessels to operate on the lakes in winter months.

Ziemer Clinical Simulation Center – Simulated Rehab Gym and Lab Will Boost Health Worker Training

UWM’s 22,000-square-foot Ziemer Clinical Simulation Center plays an integral role in preparing health care students to enter the workforce. It allows students from many different specialties to work together in a realistic hospital environment – just as they would after they graduate – and learn skills in a safe environment. The proposed rehabilitation gym and lab simulation space would occupy 1,200 square feet of undeveloped and unfunded space within the center. Students would learn to assess patients and help them transition from hospital to home settings, improving their workforce readiness.