Rendering of the Engineering & Neuroscience Project

Part 1: Engineering Renovation & Physics Relocation Project


Wisconsin desperately needs more engineering professionals, but UWM’s Engineering & Mathematical Sciences building, which is more than 50 years old, is inadequate to address the shortage. In recent years, 800 students accepted by UWM’s program instead opted for out-of-state programs, taking talent and tuition with them. UWM must upgrade to remain competitive.


The strategic investment of $117.6 million increases short-term recruitment and retention efforts and generates more long-term talent. It initially redevelops the first three floors into a more welcoming, student-centric environment and creates state of-the-art learning spaces. Future demolition of the Physics Building allows for an expanded Engineering & Neuroscience Building.


With enhanced facilities, UWM will better leverage its long track record of producing the top professionals that Wisconsin’s employers require. Nearly 80% of the college’s graduates remain in Wisconsin to live and work. And the college has trusted partnerships with more than 80 regional business leaders whose companies generate more than $200 billion in annual revenue.

Exterior of the Engineering building with a flowering tree in the foreground

Since the EMS building opened, it has played a crucial role in developing world-class research and Wisconsin’s engineering and computer science workforce. But to remain relevant, it must be modernized. UWM has proven it can do this efficiently and effectively, with the recently renovated 9th and 10th floors being completed under budget and winning praise from students, faculty and industry partners. Further investment will deliver continued results. Top students will stay in Wisconsin, be trained by top faculty and become the skilled professionals who fuel our state’s economy.

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