Message from the Office of Government Relations

Keri Duce, Chief Government Relations OfficerEmail Keri

The Office of Government Relations at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee cultivates and maintains relationships with local, state and federal officials and agencies. These relationships are critical to advancing UWM’s mission and growing support for the University.

UWM is one of the nation’s top public research institutions. It plays a vital role in driving the state and regional economies while making higher education accessible to all students.

Over 80% of our students come from Wisconsin and stay in Wisconsin, contributing to the state’s health, vibrancy and economic growth. Our region has a 40,000 employee shortage, with about two thirds of jobs requiring higher education and UWM helps serve that need by producing over 5,000 graduates annually.

About 32% of our students are of color and we have the largest student population of veterans and first generation college students in Wisconsin. Our dual mission of providing access and research excellence is unique in Wisconsin and a point of pride.

All members of the UWM community – alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends – can support our mission and advocate for the future of Wisconsin through involvement in the legislative process. Your involvement in nonpartisan efforts favoring higher education at Milwaukee’s largest university demonstrates the breadth and depth of support for UWM.

Join us in sharing the great news of what is happening at UWM and the positive impact the University has on our state. The links throughout this section are here to help you become an informed university citizen.

One reminder for employees of the university: UWM’s resources, including its email system, cannot be used for any political purposes. Employees should do all political communications from off campus.

Thank you for your support of UWM!