Our UW System schools have an integral role in developing Wisconsin’s workforce. Wisconsin is in a global competition to educate and retain talent. Investments need to be made in our universities to ensure we can educate and train Wisconsin’s workforce for the future. The following contains information on the operating and capital budgets approved by the Board of Regents at the August 2022 meeting. 

UW System Operation Budget Request (PDF)

UW System Affordability and Accountability (PDF)

Tuition Promise (PDF)

The following represents a significant investment by the State that is necessary to allow UW System to continue to effectively serve Wisconsin. 

• Request a 4% increase in each year of the biennium to offset operational cost increases. – $115.0 million 

• Request a 4% increase in each year of the biennium to support the pay plan. In addition, request the full amount of the pay plan be supported rather than the traditional 70/30 split. – $123.1 million 

• Request funds in year two of the biennium for the Wisconsin Tuition Promise. – $24.5 million 

• UW System will work with the Legislature to put forward other initiatives to help support and advance the state in the coming legislative session.