How do I set up my desktop computer, at home?

Step 1: Sign in, at work

Before you take the computer home, you must sign in to the computer while it is on UWM’s network.
The computer will remember you, and when you get home, you should be able to sign in, with not problems.

Step 2: Download the VPN

Use these directions to download UWM’s Global Protect VPN. You will need this to access UWM’s network, shared file servers, or to get remote help from UITS.

Step 3: Back up all files

Save all your files to a USB flash drive, to your email, or to Microsoft OneDrive.
If you need to use uFile, you will need to download the Global Protect VPN before leaving campus. This will be the only way to access the uFile from home.

Step 4: Gather all computer gear

You will need the computer tower, one or two monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, all power cords, and two Ethernet cables (they look like thicker telephone cables).
Note: If the keyboard and mouse are cordless, you’ll need the USB chip that goes with them.

Step 5: Set computer up at home

  • Your modem and router need to be connected through an Ethernet cable. If they aren’t, connect them with one of the cables you brought home.
  • Plug one end of the 2nd Ethernet cable into the back of your computer tower. Plug the other end into your router.
  • Plug monitor cables into the back of the computer tower.
  • Plug all power cords into the wall.
  • Plug your keyboard and your mouse into the back of your computer tower. If they are wireless, plug the chip into the USB port on the front of the computer tower, and turn on the keyboard and mouse. They should connect automatically, once they are on.
  • Turn off your computer, and turn it back on.

Click this link to see a photo of how your computer should be connected to your internet.