Woo Jin Chang, Ph. D.

Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

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  • Ph.D., Biological Engineering, Inha University (Republic of Korea), 2001
  • B.E., Biological Engineering, Inha University (Republic of Korea), 1994

Research Focus:  

  • Bionanotechnology
  • BioMEMS and Biosensor
  • Environmental and Biomedical Monitoring
  • Point-Of-Care Device
  • Bioseparations

Honors and Awards:

  • UWM Research Foundation Technology Licensing Award, UWM Research Foundation, March 1, 2015, 2018.
  • Interpore Rosette in Recognition of the Services to InterPore, May 27, 2014, InterPore 2014.

Publications (selected):

  • Tae Joon Kwak, Imtiaz Hossen (equally contributed), Rashid Bashir, Woo-Jin Chang (co-corresponding author), Chung Hoon Lee (co-corresponding author), Localized Dielectric Loss Heating in Dielectrophoresis Devices. Sci Rep, 9, 18977, 2019. doi:10.1038/s41598-019-55031-y
  • Chang-Koo Yun, Jung Wook Hwang, Tae Joon Kwak, Woo-Jin Chang, Kyubeom Han, Sanhyun Lee, Yong-Soo Choi, Nanoinjection system for precision direct delivery of large molecules, Lab Chip, 19, 580-588, 2019. DOI: 10.1039/C8LC00709H
  • Tae Joon Kwak, Wook Keun Kwon, Jiang Yang, Sang Woo Lee, Woo-Jin Chang (corresponding author), Rapid fabrication of versatile omni-directional and long-distance three-dimensional flow paper-fluidic analytical devices using cut-and-insert method for biomedical applications, Analytical Methods, 10(38), 4648-4654, 2018. DOI: 10.1039/C8AY01318G
  • Young-Jin Jung, Taewoo Lee, Seungyeop Choi, Sei-Young Lee, Jaehong Key, Yeong-Min Yoo, Woo-Jin Chang, Han-Sung Kim, Sang Woo Lee, Selective position of individual cells without lysis on a circular window array using dielectrophoresis in a microfluidic device, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 21:150, 2017.
  • Jiang Yang, Bo Wang, Youngsang Yu, Woo-Jin Chang, Ke Tang, Yi-Cheng Wang, Wenzhao Zhang, Feng Ding, Sundaram Gunasekaran, Probing the modulated formation of gold nanoparticle-beta lactoglobulin corona complexes and its applications, Nanoscale, 9, 17758-17769, 2017.
  • Tae Joon Kwak, Maria Alejandra Najera, Young Gyu Nam, Sang Woo Lee, J. Rudi Strickler, and Woo-Jin Chang (corresponding author), Convex grooves in staggered herringbone mixer improve mixing efficiency of laminar flow in microchannel, PLoS One, 11(11), e0166068, 2016,
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