Doctoral students make energy fun for kids at Salam School

a happy group of children and two adult
Ahmad Abdel-Hadi (foreground) and Areej Khalil (fifth from right) take a selfie with their new friends at Salam School.

Eight doctoral students from mechanical engineering – all members of the Association of Energy Engineers at UWM – took their love of engineering to a group of fifth- and sixth-graders at Salam School in Milwaukee last month.  

“The objective was to introduce the fundamentals of energy and raise awareness about environmental effects of fossil fuels versus renewable energy,” said Mohamed Maache, a researcher at the Industrial Assessment Center led by Professor Ryo Amano.

UWM students participating included Kada Kada, Saif Al Hamad, Ahmad Abdel-Hadi, Areej Khalil, Mohamed Maache, Cheikh Kada, Hamza Alnawafah, and Asma Khasawneh.

Get a glimpse of the event in this photo slideshow.

Man working with a group of children at school.
Students embarked on a mission to locate energy-consuming objects around them. With sticky notes, they tagged items they believed required energy to function such as computers, phones, and lights. Hamza Khalef Alnawafah (center) worked with one group.
elementary school students in a classroom
The elementary school students split into teams to compete in a variety of activities, including using kits of miniature components to learn about electrical circuits.
three kids working on a project together
The kids also made models of cars from cardboard, straws and water bottles. Here, one team member attached a white balloon to the cardboard chassis to propel the model by harnessing compressed air.
group shot
UWM doctoral students who hosted the “energy day” at Salam School: Kada Kada (from left), Saif Al Hamad, Ahmad Abdel-Hadi, Areej Khalil, Mohamed Maache, Cheikh Kada, and Hamza Alnawafah. Not pictured, Asma Khasawneh.