Accelerated Five-Year BA/MA Program

What is the Accelerated Five-Year Program?

This accelerated master’s program offers high-achieving undergraduate students the opportunity to undertake graduate study, completing in five years what is normally done in six.

The 5-year program consists of 3.5 years of undergraduate study and 1.5 years of graduate study.

What can I do with this degree?

In a modern globalized job market, there exists great demand for an optimal mix of hard and soft skills. Economics imparts these skills. A graduate degree in economics allows students to hone their analytical skills, utilize their expertise to devise innovative solutions to a diverse range of problems, and master various econometric techniques and software. The skills acquired by economics graduate students include analytic problem-solving and the ability to communicate both quantitative and qualitative research findings.

These skills provide a marketable, employable asset that differentiates you from graduates of other disciplines. Demand for these skills is higher than ever. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics (BLS), employment of economists will grow 6 percent from 2014 to 2024. The BLS also reports that job prospects will be best for those with a master’s degree or PhD, strong analytical skills, and related work experience¹. A recent report by the Wall Street Journal also highlights the significant increase in demand for corporate economists². Not surprisingly, a Master of Economics degree is rapidly becoming a popular choice.

Am I eligible? How can I enroll?

Students may declare their interest in the accelerated master’s program as soon as they start at UWM. You are encouraged to discuss the program with a College of Letters and Sciences advisor to see if the program is a good fit.

Eligible and interested students must apply for admission to the Graduate school no later than March 1st in their junior year. Any student who does not gain admission to the Graduate school can complete the BA with a major in Economics in four years.