The Economics Department houses faculty internationally recognized for their research and dedicated to excellent teaching.

The Department offers an undergraduate major, and MA and PhD degrees.

About Our Program

Economics provides the tools to understand critical issues such as unemployment, inflation, exchange rates, labor markets, economic development, international trade and finance, and the environment. Economics also offers the practical advantage of opening up career opportunities. Both firms and government agencies are interested in undergraduate Economics majors for entry level jobs (here is a list of jobs in which our graduates are currently employed).

The degree demonstrates your ability to clearly analyze and work comfortably with numbers. The Wall Street Journal reports that those with an Economics degree had the highest earnings of all majors. The most recent report from PayScale shows projections over the career of those earning a first degree in economics to also be among the highest. The early career earnings are $60,000 to $70,00 and earnings at mid-career are typically $110,000 to $125,000.