PhD Job Candidates

2022 – 2023 Job Market Candidates



Title of Dissertation


      Jayati Chakraborty


Essays on Inequality and Paid Family Leave




Scott Drewianka

            Siyu Feng


The Role of Energy Storage in the Transition toward a Carbon-neutral Economy




Itziar Lazkano

     Salome Giorgadze


Business Cycles, Exchanges Rates, and Commodity Prices in Transition Economies


N. Kundan Kishor


     Zoe Laulederkind


Three Essays on Air Cargo: Carriers, Costs and Competition


James H. Peoples


Extralegal Determinants of Criminal Sentencing:
The Case of British Columbia, 1864-1913


Kevin Thom (UWM)

Ian Keay (Queens)

          Nam Nguyen


Credit and House Price Cycles


N. Kundan Kishor

          Caglar Onal


Three Essays in Labor       Economics


Scott J. Adams

      Sezen Ozcan Onal


Three Essays in Health      Economics


Scott J. Adams