Kevin Thom

Associate Professor
 Bolton Hall 878



PhD, Economics, Johns Hopkins University, 2009
MA, Economics, Johns Hopkins University, 2006
BS, Applied Mathematical Economics, Marquette University, 2003

Research Interests

Labor Economics, Demographic Economics, Microeconomics

Current Projects

“Smoking, Genes, and Health: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study” (with Daniel Benjamin, Andrew Caplin, David Cesarini, Patrick Turley),

“Genetic Endowments, Health Behaviors, and Beliefs about Mortality”  (with Daniel Barth, Nicholas Papageorge, Prerna Rakheja)

“Childhood socio-economic status moderates genetic predispositions for peak smoking” (with Laura Bierut, Pietro Biroli, and Titus Galama.)

Selected Publications

Thom, K. & Papageorge, N. (2020) Genes, Education, and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study. Journal of the European Economic Association, 18(3), 1351-1399.

Thom, K., Barth, D. & Papageorge, N. (2020). Genetic Ability, Wealth, and Financial Decision-Making. Journal of Political Economy, 128(4), 1474-1522.

Thom, K., Dube, O., & Garcia-Ponce, O. (2016). From Maize to Haze: Agricultural Shocks and the Growth of the Mexican Drug Sector. The Journal of the European Economic Association, 14(5), 1181-1224.

Thom, K. & Reinhold, S. (2013). Migration Experience and Earnings in the Mexican Labor Market. Journal of Human Resources, 48(3), 768-820.