Niho Research Excellence Fund – Update

The department greatly benefited from the Yoshio Niho Research Excellence Fund in academic year 2017-18! This was the second year we were able to make four awards. These awards allow our faculty to give papers and conduct research that would otherwise be impossible. Thanks to Yoshio and the dozens of donors who faithfully support the research mission of the department.

The details of the four awards are below and we encourage you to contribute to help the fund grow!

“The Niho Fund helped me attend a conference in my field, buy a piece of hardware for my office and support an undergraduate student doing research. Repeated help from the Fund over several years proved valuable in getting the work done that resulted in my promotion last year to associate professor.” — Itziar Lazkano

“I was delighted to again hire students who entered data from historical records. This painstaking work would not have happened without the Niho Fund! I will miss the support of the Fund as I move this fall – it was a valuable part of my time at UWM.” — Owen Thompson

“The Niho Fund purchased valuable books and paid for journal submission fees. It will also help start my pilot experiment with a graduate student. I am indebted to Professor Niho and all the many supporters of his Fund.” — Vivian Lei

“I was able to hire a student to help advance my research on the impact of introducing sharia law in Nigeria. The student collected data from Google Earth on the location of every church and mosque in the state of Kaduna in Nigeria. This helped us develop a map of the religious composition of the state and consequently identify locations where sahria courts played an important role. I am extremely grateful to the Fund and its donors for their financial support.” — Antu Murshid