Prof. Holahan Keeps Busy

Emeritus Professor William Holahan continues his passion for economic policy in his retirement!

In the Capital Times Bill explains the problems with free market health insurance and the need for government regulation if we wish to move away from experience rated policies that deny care for pre-existing conditions (see here).  He described his analysis of the deal between Wisconsin and Foxconn arguing that the state will spend a fortune and lose jobs (see here).  This was picked-up by New York Magazine (see here).  Bill also wrote in the Tampa Bay Times about prominent economic issues in the recent Florida campaign for governor.  His theme was when markets work well and when they fail.  Need to brush up on externalities, public goods and user fees?  Check it out (see here).

Many of you recall Bill from introductory classes or from being his teaching assistant.  The department has established a fund in Bill’s honor and we use it to reward our best teaching assistants.  We would love your help in growing the fund!  Give today.