Graduate Course Syllabi

  • ECON 701-401 Economic Theory: Microeconomics
    Instructor: Matthew McGinty (
    Meets: TR 2:30pm-3:45pm
    4 cr. Graduate. Conventional theory of the behavior of firms, consumers, and markets; partial and general equilibria. Prerequisites: grad st; Econ 301(P). Econ 506(R)

  • ECON 710-001 Applied Econometrics
    Instructor: Narayan Kishor (
    Meets: WF 10am-11:15am
    3 cr. Graduate. Application of econometrics and data science to economics and finance. Study big data and machine learning models in economics. Extensive use of statistical software including R and Python. Prerequisites: graduate standing; ECON 703(P).

  • ECON 735-001 Econometric Methods I
    Instructor: Jangsu Yoon (
    Meets: TR 4pm-5:15pm
    3 cr. Graduate. Review asymptotic distribution theory, linear models and linear estimators, and their extensions. Estimation and testing of econometric models; topics including estimators for panel data models, difference-in-differences, regression discontinuity, limited dependent variable models, machine learning estimators. Prerequisites: graduate standing and ECON 734(P) or consent of instructor

  • ECON 751-001 Labor Economics I
    Instructor: Scott Drewianka (
    Meets: MW 1pm-2:15pm
    3 cr. Graduate. Human capital investments: determinants of earnings (education, experience, incentives, discrimination, unions, compensating differentials); public sector labor markets; issues of retirement and aging. Prerequisites: grad st; Econ 701(C).

  • ECON 774-201 Economic Development - Theory
    Instructor: Hamid Mohtadi (
    Meets: R 5:30pm-8:10pm
    3 cr. Graduate. Theories relating to production, distribution, and capital formation in less-developed nations. Prerequisites: grad st; Econ 301(P) & 302(P).

  • ECON 801-001 Advanced Microeconomic Theory I
    Instructor: Scott Drewianka (
    Meets: MW 5:30pm-6:45pm
    3 cr. Graduate. Decision-making under risk and over time, general equilibrium and welfare, market failure, and applications, including demand systems, household production, interpersonal economics, and hedonic pricing. Prerequisites: grad st; Econ 701(P) & 506(P). Econ 606(R).

  • ECON 802-001 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory I
    Instructor: Antu Murshid (
    Meets: TR 4pm-5:15pm
    3 cr. Graduate. Money, credit, and governmental operations in aggregative analysis; critical study of some aggregative and analytical systems. Prerequisites: grad st; Econ 702(P).