Use the following guidelines to determine what kinds of UWM online people directory privacy choices are available to you. The choices available to you vary based on your relationship to the University.


By Default

Your name, UWM email address, year in school and school/college are listed in UWM’s online people directory.

Directory Restriction

You can choose to block your UWM online people directory information through PAWS. This means information about you will not appear in UWM’s online people directory. To do so, log in to your PAWS account and click on “Change Contact Restriction.”


Beyond blocking your UWM online people directory information as described above, you can choose to restrict your personal information with the FERPA restriction. While this step also blocks your information from appearing in UWM’s online people directory, it is much more restrictive and explicitly denies all other types of access to otherwise public information about you. Think carefully before electing a FERPA block, because it can negatively affect you in some ways:

  • Lookups in UWM calendar or email will not allow other users to find your email address.
  • If a prospective employer calls to verify your degree(s) or attendance, the University will be unable to provide the information.
  • Your name will not be listed in the graduation program.


By Default

Your name, UWM email address, UWM phone number, appointing department, office location and campus mail drop are listed (if available) in the UWM online directory. You can use UWM’s directory Directory & Search Feedback form to request updates to your UWM online people directory information.

People Who Are Students and Employees

Choosing a FERPA block or directory block as a student is not sufficient and will result in your information appearing in the UWM online people directory as an employee.