Use the following guidelines to determine what kinds of public directory privacy choices are available. This varies based on your relationship to the University. Please use the following information to review your directory privacy options.

If you are a student:

By Default:

Your name, UWM email address, year in school and school/college are listed in UWM’s online directory.

Directory Block from your PAWS account:

You can choose to block your online directory information through PAWS. This means no information about you will appear in the central online or printed directories (if restricted when it goes to print). To do this, log in to your PAWS account and click on “Change Campus Directory Restriction.”

Full FERPA Block:

Beyond blocking your directory information as described above, you can choose to restrict your personal information with the FERPA restriction through Enrollment Services. While this step also blocks your information from appearing in the directories, it is much more restrictive and explicitly denies all other types of access to otherwise public information about you. This could negatively affect you in some circumstances such as the following:

  • Lookups in UWM calendar or email products will not allow other users to easily find your email address.
  • If a prospective employer calls to verify your degree(s) or attendance, the University will be unable to provide the information.
  • Your name will not be listed in the graduation program.

If you wish to restrict all public information in your educational record, you must file a Student Record Data Change Form available in the Enrollment Services Information Center (Mellencamp Hall 274).

Please see UWM Department of Enrollment Services for details:

If you are Faculty/Staff:

By Default:

Your home address, home phone, UWM email address, department and office location are listed in online and printed directories.

Block your home address from online and printed directory:

You can choose to not have your home address information listed. The W4 form which you originally filed with the Payroll Office asked whether you wish to have your home address/phone released as public information. If you answered this question affirmatively or failed to answer at all, your home address/phone is listed in central online and paper directories.

If you wish to suppress your home address/phone information, you need to go to the Payroll Office in Engelmann Hall and fill out a “Home Address and Telephone Number Change Form” and specify that you do not wish your home address information listed. After you make this change, your home address/phone will be removed from the central online and paper directories the next time that they are updated.

To change your campus address in both the central online and paper directories, email

Please include your building, room number and phone number.

If you are a student AND an employee: (Example: teaching assistants)

If you prefer not to have your home address and phone number listed in central online and paper directories you must go to HR and fill out the block form as a staff member (See above). Simply choosing a FERPA block or directory block as a student is not sufficient and will result in home directory information appearing as an employee.