Major Concentrations

Classics is the study of the literature, languages, cultures and societies of ancient Greece and Rome and is one of the oldest of the liberal arts disciplines.

The Classics Program at UWM offers three major concentrations:

Students who major in a Classics Program concentration must complete at least 15 credits of the major in 300-level or above courses in residence at UWM. All students must complete a research experience in their major. The College requires that students attain at least a 2.000 GPA on all credits in the major, including any transfer work.

Whether you choose to major in Classics or just take a few classes of interest, students in this field are exposed to the history, literature, art and architecture, archaeology, language, and religion of ancient times. Many classes are in English but some offer the subject matter in its original format of Greek or Latin. Many pre-med majors also find that an introduction to Latin vocabulary serves as an exceptional preparation for medical school where much of the terminology originated from Latin.

What you can do with a Classics Major

Classics is an original liberal arts field and is designed to prepare students for any type of profession that emphasizes critical analysis, reading of dense texts, and oral and written communication. Law school is a popular destination after college, though certainly not the only option. A student’s career choices after college will be guided by how they applied their coursework to real world applications during college. A student who volunteered and interned in museums and galleries may find work in that industry. A student who obtained work experience during college in library reference may pursue that line of work after graduation. The possibilities are numerous, and all students are encouraged to gain practical experience that complements the major.