The Application of LiDAR Scanning for the Documentation of Ancient Cities and Regions

Sunday, March 6 2022 3:00 PM

The application of airborne LiDAR for the detection and documentation of archaeological sites has initiated a ‘paradigm shift’ for Mesoamerican archaeology. Dr. Fisher will discuss results from two archaeological projects in disparate areas of Mesoamerica that have utilized LiDAR to examine intra-site and extra-site patterning. The first, centered at the site of Angamuco in the Lake Pátzcuaro Basin, Michoacán, used LiDAR as a tool to examine the spatial patterning of individual units of architecture. The second used LiDAR to document the complete settlement pattern of an unexplored valley within the Mosquitia tropical wilderness of Honduras. This work was described by author Douglas Preston in the 2017, New York Time’s bestselling book Lost City of the Monkey Gods: A True Story.