Occasional Paper Series

Most documents presented here are in PDF format. We request that any reference to Occasional/Discussion Papers listed below include proper citations/acknowledgements.

Dosh, Paul and Julia Smith “Neoliberalism and City Hall in Lima and Mexico City: Comparing Mayors Ebrard, Mancera and Villarán” (Occasional Paper #98), September 2014. (pdf – 301k)

Fernández, Manuel “Cuba ‘Underground’: Los Aldeanos, Cuban Hip-Hop and Youth Culture” (Occasional Paper #97), January 2011. (pdf – 118kb)

Schulenburg, Chris “Hijacking the Machine: Ricardo Piglia’s Reconceptualization of the Argentine Intellectual in La ciudad ausente” (Occasional Paper #96), June 2009. (pdf – 79k)

Todd, Molly “Organizing Flight: The Roots and Moral Economy of the Salvadoran Guinda System” (Occasional Paper #95), June 2007. (pdf – 154k)

Hershberg, Eric and Moreno-Brid, Juan Carlos “Keys to Latin America’s Insecurities: Economic Development and State Strengthening” (Occasional Paper #94), May 2005. (pdf – 63k)

Breining, Daniel “El chicano gay, su identidad y su literatura” (Occasional Paper #93), November 2002. (pdf – 48k)

Rodríguez-Luis, Julio “Book Exports from Spain and France to Latin America in the Nineteenth Century” (Occasional Paper #92), September 2002. (pdf – 167k)

Brodwin, Paul “Marginality and Cultural Intimacy in a Transnational Haitian Community” (Occasional Paper #91), October 2001. (pdf – 85k)

Brodwin, Paul “Pentecostalism and the Production of Community in the Haitian Diaspora” (Discussion Paper #90), January 2000. (pdf – 83k)