Educating Kids About Race and Racism

African and African Diaspora Studies Professor Erin Winkler was recently quoted in multiple articles on the importance of educating kids about race and racism. A few selections include:

“How to Talk to Kids About Race and Racism,” written by Gabbi Timmis, which was posted by many NBC local affiliates on June 1, 20202, including New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, Miami, San Francisco Bay Area, and San Diego. Read the article

“Kids Learn About Race Younger Than You Think. Talk To Them Before That,” written by Maija Kappleron for the Huffington Post Canada on June 1, 2020Read the article. 

“Help Your Kids Take Action Against Racism,” which was included as part of the Girl Scouts USA’s “Raising Awesome Girls” portal on June 3, 2020. Read more.