Black History and Black Activism in Brazil and the United States Webinar Series

Milwaukee is known as the worst city in the United States for Black people and in Brazil, police and secret squads kill Black people so often people say a George Floyd occurs every 23 minutes. Police violence against Black Brazilians is especially high in cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. This series includes Black Brazilian and Black American experts and activists who will share their knowledge of Black history and experiences of Black activism to combat racism and sexism in two of the world’s largest democracies.

Black History in Wisconsin & Milwaukee

with guest speaker, Clayborn Benson – Oct 20, 2020

Black History & Black Politics in Brazil

with guest speaker, Dr. Flávia Rios – Oct 29, 2020

Black Activism in Milwaukee

with guest speaker, Dr. Monique Liston – Nov 19, 2020

Black Activism in São Paulo

with guest speaker, Douglas Belchior – Dec 3, 2020

Black LGBTQ Rights and Activism in Brazil

with guest speaker, Marco Antonio Fera – Feb 4, 2021


Black Political Mobilization in Milwaukee

with guest speaker, Maya McCarthy-Neal Feb 18, 2021

Black Feminism and Mobilization in Brazil

with guest speaker, Dr. Fernanda Barros March 18, 2021


Black Racism and the State of Milwaukee

with guest Speaker, Rick Banks – April 8, 2021