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All UWM schools and colleges provide opportunities for students to complete general education requirements. The Career Planning & Resource Center, in collaboration with Pathway Advising, helps undecided students identify their ideal major(s).

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Major, Accelerated Master’s

Accountants gather, organize and analyze financial information, assess performance and efficiency and suggest improvements for their clients. Accountants are needed in small and large companies, as well as nonprofits. Advancements in technology, evolving accounting rules and regulations and rapid globalization promise abundant and interesting career opportunities.

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Actuarial Science
Major, Minor

Actuaries help individuals, businesses and society manage risk by evaluating the likelihood of future events and creating plans to reduce their financial or emotional impact. The Society of Actuaries named UWM’s program a Center of Actuarial Excellence, one of only 16 universities in the U.S. with this mark of distinction.

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Major, Master’s, Doctoral, Online

The study of communication examines how language is used to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, and media. The mission of the Department of Communication is to provide students with education in the theory, history, ethics and practice of communication and to prepare them for careers and leadership in a wide variety of professions.

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Major, Minor, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s, Doctoral

Economics is about human and organizational decision-making. Applying theories and models to real-world data, students focus on such issues as unemployment, inflation, exchange rates, economic development, trade and global finance, tax policy, minimum wages, environmental policy, and healthcare. It is an analytical and high-demand field with high entry-level salaries.

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Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral

Read closely, write persuasively, argue analytically, and imagine creatively. Students learn to think critically and explore a diversity of texts and media, from novels to poems, films to websites, corporate documents to social media. Focused plans of study prepare students for a wide range of careers in writing and editing, teaching, communications, and new media.

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Major, Accelerated Master’s

A finance specialist’s understanding of the economy and business presents opportunities in both corporate and investment finance. Financiers help their organization reach financial objectives by evaluating investments, allocating resources over time, and assessing risk valuation and markets.

Teacher with children standing around her looking at globe
Global Educator

The Global Educator Certificate prepares future educator professionals in K-12 schools or other educational settings to integrate global content and approaches into their professional practice. The certificate is designed for learners studying in graduate programs in the School of Education.

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Global Studies
Major, Minor, Accelerated Master’s

Students choose a specific track – global management, global communications, global security, global sustainability or global health – and many degrees are jointly awarded by two schools in recognition of the unique combination of professional training and liberal arts courses. Study abroad and an international internship are required.

Person in business attire and person in lab coat talking to a woman
Health Care Administration
Major, Minor, Master’s, Online

Students in the health care administration program learn business strategies needed to lead health care organizations: finance, information systems, strategic planning, HR management and marketing. A key component of this program is exposure to management and leadership training principles necessary to run a single department or a vast health care organization.

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Human Resources Management
Major, Accelerated Master’s

Human resource professionals identify, recruit and select new employees; provide employee training and development; and administer compensation and benefits plans. To succeed and grow, businesses and corporations need professionals skilled in staffing, compensation, diversity, labor relations and training and development.

Hands typing on a laptop with code on the screen
Information Science & Technology
Major, Minor, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s, Online

Combining core IT skills like front-end web design, HCI, UX and information security with data science and project management, Information Science & Technology prepares students for current and emerging IT careers.

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Information Technology Management
Major, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s

Expanding technologies and data availability make IT professionals increasingly important around the world. IT professionals examine problems, then develop and communicate technology-based solutions. They use a range of IT skills and analysis to make data and new technologies work together across all of a company’s business functions. UWM has unique expertise in…

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Journalism, Advertising, & Media Studies
Major, Minor

JAMS combines academic study of the media with practical training for careers in news (audio, video, and print), advertising, and public relations. Many courses are taught by professionals with experience working in the media. Internships are strongly encouraged and many students graduate with more than one experience on their resumé.

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The MS in Management is the optimal choice if you wish to do a “deep dive” into a specific business field, allowing you to contribute as a business subject matter expert who has a significant body of fundamental knowledge and an understanding of emerging issues.

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Major, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s

Marketers help their companies satisfy customers, build new markets and grow companies by conducting research, developing products and services, and devising planning, pricing, advertising, promotion and distribution strategies. With rapidly changing technologies and constantly changing customer attitudes and behaviors, highly qualified marketers are always in demand.

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Quantitative Social Data Analysis

Data analysis is an essential part of the study of any social science. This certificate teaches advanced statistics and data analysis beyond what is required in the major. Five additional statistics and research methods courses are required, and this formal credential indicates to employers and graduate programs that the student has hard skills in data analytics.

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Supply Chain & Operations Management
Major, Accelerated Master’s

Supply chain and operations management experts determine how to most efficiently plan, source, make and move materials and, finally, finished goods to the customer. As companies seek to operate more efficiently, supply chain specialists are an increasingly integral part of manufacturing, the service industry, health care, retail and government organizations.

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