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All UWM schools and colleges provide opportunities for students to complete general education requirements. The Career Planning & Resource Center, in collaboration with Pathway Advising, helps undecided students identify their ideal major(s).

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AAS Flexible Option

Lay an academic foundation for more than 200 college majors or complete your general education requirements with the AAS Flexible Option. The flexible degree format allows you to earn the credits you need at your own pace, on your schedule, building on knowledge you already have.

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Major, Accelerated Master’s

Accountants gather, organize and analyze financial information, assess performance and efficiency and suggest improvements for their clients. Accountants are needed in small and large companies, as well as nonprofits. Advancements in technology, evolving accounting rules and regulations and rapid globalization promise abundant and interesting career opportunities.

Person in suit writing math equations on transparent window
Actuarial Science
Major, Minor

Actuaries help individuals, businesses and society manage risk by evaluating the likelihood of future events and creating plans to reduce their financial or emotional impact. The Society of Actuaries named UWM’s program a Center of Actuarial Excellence, one of only 16 universities in the U.S. with this mark of distinction.

Illustration of silhouettes of people talking to each other
Administrative Leadership & Supervision in Education
Master’s, Online

Educational leaders meet a variety of learning needs to transform students’ lives. Graduates lead in elementary, secondary, post-secondary, health, online education, and more by connecting theory with their practice. The program has three concentrations: K-12 educational administration, adult and continuing education leadership and higher education administration.

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Administrative Leadership Specialist
Closeup of African mask
African and African Diaspora Studies
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral

This major examines the cultures, societies and political economies of people of African descent worldwide. Topics include history, literature, political science, economics, education, and media. The knowledge and skills gained apply to professions in healthcare, education, journalism, social work, law and justice, business, public policy, and arts.

Indigenous drawings on stone wall
American Indian Studies

American Indian Studies incorporates a blend of courses covering anthropology, history, literature, language and sociology all focused on the experiences, culture and languages of the native peoples of the Americas. We are the only UW campus to offer three full years of the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) language.

Drawing of nervous woman driving car with small child in backseat

Future animators and multimedia artists nurture their artistic vision in the PSOA dedicated animation program.Stop-motion, storyboarding, experimental animation and digital filmmaking are on the list of techniques/topics studied in our richly creative, industry-connected academic setting. Students can screen at film fests, attend guest lectures, meet famous alumni and more

Watercolor illustration of two heads with colorful coming out of their mouths and blending together
Anishinaabe Language

The Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe) language is spoken by the tribes of the Three Fires Confederacy: Ojibwe, Odawa, and Potawatomi. It’s an endangered language but is expected to survive through the 21st century. This certificate provides coursework in the language and culture and is particularly valuable for individuals who wish to work with people from the three tribes.

Group of archaeologists at a dig site
Major, Minor, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s, Doctoral

Anthropologists study people and cultures, past and present. Field work and hands-on experience are important parts of the program. An understanding of human organization, communication, and behavior can lead to careers in government service, business, education, marketing, nonprofit administration, cultural resource management, and more.

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Applied Computing

Complete your bachelor’s degree in an in-demand field with this online program. You’ll perform programming, software engineering, graphic applications, networking and operating systems management while developing business communications, ethics and project management skills.

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Applied Data Analysis Using SAS
Person sitting in front of two laptops and monitor all with lines of code
Applied Econometrics and Data Analysis

This certificate is open to graduate students only and is designed to enhance students’ opportunities in a job market that demands exceptional quantitative data skills. Training in econometrics is particularly valuable for government jobs and private sector positions in policy analysis, financial analysis, forecasting, market research, logistics and quality control.

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Applied Gerontology

Gerontology is the study of the social, psychological and biological aspects of aging. By 2035, adults over the age of 65 will outnumber children for the first time in U.S. history. The Graduate Certificate in Applied Gerontology helps students from any field gain an understanding of the aging process and build the skills they need to work with and for older adults.

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Applied Mathematics & Computer Science

Students in AMCS break problems into key elements, use computers for analysis and develop practical solutions. The program blends math and programming coursework with the liberal arts, providing graduates with both technical aptitude and strong people skills. This is a joint degree from the colleges of Engineering and Letters & Science.

Hand placing a fish into research fish tank
Applied Urban Aquaculture
Drone view of a large metropolitan city lit up
Arabic Language and Literature

Arabic is one of the main languages of the Middle East and North Africa. Its influence is felt in other languages such as Urdu and Kurdish, and it is the language of the Quran. It is the fifth most common language in the world with more than 375 million native speakers and is an official language of the U.N. Arabic fluency is in high demand in today’s global marketplace.

Hand placing part of a model into a slightly larger architectural model
Architectural Studies
Major, Minor

Architectural studies is a four-year pre-professional degree program that prepares students for graduate studies in architecture and related design fields. Students accrue skills in architectural thinking, design, visualization, fabrication, prototyping and simulation. The program lays a foundation of unique problem-solving skills empowering students to change the world.

Architectural illustration of a large lobby with three floors
Master’s, Doctoral

Masters and doctoral students interrogate the built environment with a passionate commitment to tectonics and culture complemented and challenged by many avenues of experimentation and research that confront professional norms. Students embrace alternative urban practices by speculating on thermodynamic form, cultural geography, prototyping and new ecological landscapes.

Archival storage shelves with boxes and binders
Archives and Records Administration, Advanced Study
Certificate, Online
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Major, Minor, Master’s

Developing creative thinkers, artist professionals and cultural leaders through a cross-disciplinary curriculum that balances innovation, traditional craftsmanship, critical thinking and scholarly civic engagement. Committed to Milwaukee’s diverse urban communities, our programs emphasize activism within the arts.

Students working on wall signage that says Art
Art Education

Through theoretical and practical examination of elementary and secondary schools and community-based learning settings, our program prepares students to be successful candidates for K-12 art teacher licensure in the state of Wisconsin. We proudly place 100% of our degree-seeking students into classrooms upon graduation.

Student restoring marble statue in art museum
Art History
Major, Minor, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s

Art History students explore Western and Non-Western art in all forms and across all time periods. Art’s impact and influence, past and present, are explored through courses covering architecture, religion, politics, economics, cinema and journalism. Graduates go on to various roles at museums, libraries, schools, galleries, design firms and non-profit agencies.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Ideal for working professionals or students who want to combine it with another graduate certificate to earn a master’s degree, and not just for those with computer science degrees. This 15-credit program can be completed in one year; no GRE required. In-person and affordable online options available synchronous or on-demand.

Mural of historical figures
Arts & Social Entrepreneurship

This certificate prepares students to become community leaders and engage with social challenges in a productive and sustainable way. The curriculum’s multidisciplinary approach creates a mechanism for students to work together across departments and schools, and prepares them for careers in community and civic leadership at non-profits or governmental agencies.

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Arts and Sciences

An associate degree fulfills the UW System’s general education requirements, allowing you to concentrate on your major in your junior and senior years. It provides a two-year, liberal arts-based general education with courses in fine arts and humanities, mathematical and natural sciences and social sciences. Available at UWM at Washington County and Waukesha campuses.

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Arts Integration & Learning

A multidisciplinary certificate with an emphasis on project based learning designed for students who wish to complement their major in any teacher certification program at UWM, but especially for Early Childhood Education, Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence Education, as well as Art, Music, Dance, or Theatre Education.

Night skyline of Shanghai
Asian Studies

The Asian Studies certificate gives students a broad overview of Asian languages, culture, politics and history. It complements majors such as business, global studies, international studies, journalism, the visual and performing arts, communication, economics, political science and other disciplines that involve interactions with the Asian world.

Person using assistive device to read Braille
Assistive Technology and Accessible Design
Certificate, Online

This certificate will prepare you to meet the diverse and adaptive needs of a career in the field of assistive technology and accessible design. Completion of the certificate will help you prepare to sit for state and national certification examinations, such as for an Assistive Technology Specialist, Rehabilitation Engineering Technologist, and Low Vision Specialist.

Person using TRX bands doing a row while someone else supervises
Athletic Training

The Kinesiology Department offers an Athletic Training MS, a professional degree accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Athletic Training Education, that prepares students to become certified athletic trainers. Students are trained in interprofessional and clinical practice. Active learning experiences prepare them for careers in patient/client-centered care.

White clouds against blue sky
Atmospheric Sciences
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral

Atmospheric Science, or meteorology, features small class sizes and ample opportunities for hands-on experience in forecasting, risk assessment, research and communication. The program prepares students for careers that rely heavily on data, analytics and decision support.

Girl arranging beads in the shape of a person's head
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Illustration of DNA against a grid
Major, Master’s, Doctoral

Biochemistry focuses on the application of chemical principles to the investigation of life processes. Biochemists work in a wide range of careers in academic institutions, pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology industries, and government. Biochemistry also prepares students for professional schools in healthcare (including pre-medicine, pre-vet and pre-pharmacy).

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Biological Sciences
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral

Biology is the study of life – human, plant, animal. It is a popular choice for students preparing for careers in healthcare, agriculture, environmental care, food processing, manufacturing, product development, biotech, and more. Students can take a broad curriculum or focus on cell and molecular biology, microbiology, or industrial fermentation.

Two researchers holding up model
Biomedical and Health Informatics

Study medical science and information technology to improve healthcare delivery, research and education. Informatics professionals work at hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, software companies, public health organizations, insurance companies and in academia. Specialize in health services management, information systems, medical imaging or public health, among others.

One person holding dumbbell with electrodes on arm and one person smiling at her
Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers apply engineering principles to the health care field, improving people’s health and well-being. They design assistive, diagnostic, and therapeutic devices or even lasers for surgery. Biomedical engineers collaborate with health care professionals in research labs, hospitals and industry. Many launch startups in this fast-growing field.

Three college students wearing white labcoats
Biomedical Sciences
Major, Master’s, Online

Medical tests are critical to the accurate detection, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, and so are the scientists who perform them. If you enjoy science and its practical application, a degree in biomedical sciences could be for you. This diverse program offers laboratory and diagnostic imaging sub-majors, as well as degree completion and UW flexible option sub-majors.

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Close up of test tubes with colorful caps
Blood Banking / Immunohematology

This certificate trains students on how to make sure donated blood is safe for use in blood transfusions and other procedures. Successful completion of this certificate allows students to sit for the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification Technologist/Scientist and Blood Bank national certification exam.

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Business Analytics
Certificate, Online

Business analytics – the management, analysis, and use of data in strategic, operational, and tactical decision making – is identified by executives as a top priority as businesses around the world seek out new areas of competitive advantage. This certificate develops cross-disciplinary expertise in information technology management, business statistics, and marketing.

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Business and Technical Communications
Certificate, Online
SIlhouette of people watching a live performance
Business of Media and Film Studies

Students planning a career in media, marketing or film, need a blend of knowledge and skills not traditionally found in a single program. This certificate combines courses in media literacy, global media culture, accounting, marketing and management to prepare students for the job market.

Close up of Celtic symbol on stone
Celtic Studies

Studying Ireland, Irish culture and history, and the Gaelic language can be personally fulfilling for many students with a family background rooted in that region. Other students find the subject matter unique and enjoy these classes, which are not readily available at most universities. This certificate can be a great differentiator on a resume.

Two beakers one with green liquid and one with blue
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral

A foundational science, chemistry prepares students for a wide range of careers in industry, professional schools and graduate programs including research and development, forensics, manufacturing, engineering, conservation, medicine, and more. Research experience is critical and abundant to all UWM students in areas such as drug discovery, nanomaterials, synthesis, etc

Two little girls in dresses and braids walking together
Childhood & Adolescence Studies

This certificate draws on coursework from psychology, education, social work, library science, sociology and public health to give a broad overview of the world of children. It is an extra credential ideal for students planning a career that involves working with children – teachers, librarians, social workers, counselors, advisors, therapists and more.

Teacher sitting with elementary school students sitting on classroom floor with whiteboards
Children’s Mental Health, for School Professionals
Certificate, Online
Great Wall of China
Minor, Program of Study

Mandarin Chinese is spoken by 1.4 billion people worldwide and is one of the 6 official languages of the United Nations. The language and literature, art and finance, history and foreign policy, and business and interpersonal norms that make up Chinese culture are explored in this program. Study-abroad opportunities and student clubs round out this program’s features.

Film strip featuring house with long driveway
Cinematic Arts

Our interdisciplinary graduate program is committed to the intensive and rigorous production of creative time-based art. Non-commercial in spirit, we encourage works that demonstrate a personal commitment to the art of media making.

College students using engineering equipment to survey
Civil Engineering

Civil engineers improve infrastructure: roads, bridges and public utilities. Prepare for a career in government or the private sector by specializing in geotechnical, structural, transportation and municipal, or water and environmental engineering. Research alongside faculty on the leading-edge of infrastructure innovation in this ABET-accredited program.

Classical ruins with columns
Major, Minor

The study of the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome has applications to today – it is an excellent preparation for graduate programs in history, archaeology, literature, law, medicine and religion. Three tracks are available: classical civilization, ancient Greek language and literature, or Latin language and literature.

Doctor in white lab coat writing something down
Clinical Nurse Specialist
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Collaborative Online AAS

This 100% online collaborative degree builds your educational foundation and gives you a broad liberal arts background, whether you’re seeking a full degree, completing a prerequisite course, or taking individual courses to supplement your studies and complete your degree in less time. This Associate of Arts and Sciences degree program is a partnership of UW campuses.

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Committee Interdisciplinary Major

Students who don’t identify with a traditional major can consider a Committee Interdisciplinary Major (CIM). A CIM is organized around a narrowly-defined theme with coursework taken from at least two different departments. A three-member faculty committee works with the student to approve course selections as relevant to the theme and to design an appropriate capstone.

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Major, Master’s, Doctoral, Online

The study of communication examines how language is used to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, and media. The mission of the Department of Communication is to provide students with education in the theory, history, ethics and practice of communication and to prepare them for careers and leadership in a wide variety of professions.

Two students and instructor sitting at desk with two computer monitors
Communication Sciences & Disorders
Major, Master’s

The communication sciences and disorders program prepares students to become speech-language pathologists or audiologists whose evaluation and treatment helps clients and their families live with communication disorders. Lab research, clinical placement and other hands-on learning opportunities enhance students’ career preparation

Colorful mural of woman with long hair sitting in front of cityscape
Community Arts

Focused on art and community-engagement, community cultural development, and the pursuit of social and environmental justice, students learn through arts partnerships with a variety of community institutions and grassroots organizations, while preparing each to become agents of change through their art.

Group of people at coffee shop with one writing in a notebook
Community Engagement & Education
Major, Accelerated Master’s, Online

Learn strategies for management, leadership and entrepreneurship, leading to positions in community-based organizations, child care, foster care agencies and government. Examine the causes of social inequality and explore solutions. Focus on a range of areas: alternative education, child and family services, community-based organizations, youth work and more.

Children planting a tree
Community Engagement Strategies

This certificate helps students gain a practical, historical and theoretical understanding of strategies for promoting social change through collective action. It’s excellent preparation for students who are interested in becoming community organizers, youth and social workers, politicians, community researchers and nonprofit administrators.

Large classroom of college students sitting together
Community Leadership
Black and white image of people standing in line with suitcases
Comparative Ethnic Studies
Program of Study, Certificate

Social justice is the central theme of this program. Students explore racial and ethnic identities, their historical context, and how they shape contemporary culture, society, and public policy both within the U.S. and abroad. An internship is required and current research foci are in immigrant rights, urbanism, race relations, and refugee migration.

Open book
Comparative Literature
Major, Minor

Comparative Literature is the study of world literature, media and the arts. Internationally focused courses provide training in global perspectives and critical analysis that prepare students to be culturally dexterous citizens of the world with flexible career options. Language of instruction is English; majors can take language and other courses outside the program.

Closeup of internal components of computer
Computer Engineering

Apply electrical engineering and computer science to hardware and software design, implementation and maintenance. Develop technical understanding of computers through mathematics and engineering. Use that knowledge to design networks and computerized equipment. Prevalent smart technologies increase computer engineers’ career opportunities. This program is ABET-accredited.

Closeup of computer screen with lines of code
Computer Science
Major, Minor, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s, Online

Study and design computer systems, networks, software, programming languages, algorithms and more. Computer scientists work as software engineers, game and app developers, systems integration consultants and IT managers. Computer science is a rapidly growing field.

Student in computer lab with other college students in background
Computer Science (Bachelor of Arts)

Combine in-demand computer science coursework with your interest in business, arts, education, psychology, chemistry or almost any other major, making you stand out in your field. The CS BA takes no longer to complete, and you’ll graduate into a field that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts will grow 12% from 2018-2028, more than double the average for all jobs.

Boardwalk through a grassy marsh
Conservation & Environmental Science

UWM’s broad Conservation & Natural Resources track covers all aspects of the environment – land, biodiversity, GIS applications, policy and environmental interpretation. Or, students can opt for a Water Resources track focusing on the science of water distribution, supply, quality and ecological functions. Graduates work in labs, public programming, and administration.

Young woman sitting on couch with clipboard talking to little girl

Counselors help individuals resolve personal and social problems. The Counseling minor is designed for undergraduate students interested in careers in professional psychology or related fields such as school counseling, rehabilitation counseling, mental health counseling, social work, nursing, and allied health professions.

Woman standing with arms crossed in front of map
Crime Analysis

The Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology offers a post-baccalaureate certificate in crime analysis. Crime analysts gather crime and disorder data, identify and analyze patterns, trends and problems, develop recommendations based on their findings, and create and disseminate information that helps criminal justice agencies address crime and allocate resources.

Woman with arms crossed standing in front of screen
Criminal Justice and Criminology
Major, Minor, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s

Study the criminal justice system through legal and political lenses, examining the nature, causes and impact of crime. Students learn through courses taught by experienced faculty, and in fieldwork opportunities, to improve their listening, speaking, writing, analytical and evaluative skills. They graduate prepared to work in law enforcement, corrections and the courts.

Two women looking to the left
Cultural Foundations of Community Engagement & Education
Master’s, Online

Examine social forces affecting urban schools and communities. Gain the knowledge necessary to develop creative solutions grounded in research. Learn skills for policy and leadership in community-based organizations, strategies for community engagement and service learning, and explore topics ranging from gender and race relations, to youth work and alternative education.

Young Black woman gesturing at screen presentation
Cultures and Communities

Grounded in principles of diversity, inclusion and social justice, the courses in this certificate explore art, sexuality, gender, race, health, ethics, religion and technology. Hands-on projects bring students, faculty and community organizations together to learn to work across differences of background and experience – a key to lifelong learning and a strong community.

View from back of classroom with students hands raised and teacher at front
Curriculum & Instruction
Master’s, Online

One of the state’s leading teacher preparation programs, Curriculum & Instruction features experienced educators, research-based practices and multiple tracks depending on students’ career goals. Majors are connected to a network of 150+ schools and community partners where they apply what they learn. Choose from ten teacher certification and non-certification programs.

Three dancers wearing pink and doing a modern dance performance
Major, Minor, Master’s

Committed to the development of dance artists and educators in their pursuit of a comprehensive education built upon diverse practices, research and community engagement. Our innovative curriculum integrates multiple disciplines and somatic practices, creating a learning environment that prioritizes a balance of body and mind knowledge with informed, creative expression.

Data Analytics

Big data is everywhere! And today, no organization can succeed without using data to make decisions. It doesn’t matter if it’s an airline, a bank, government department, retailer or sports team. This undergraduate degree lets you major in a field of your choice while also training you in data analytics, all of which can put you on a highly rewarding career path!

Data Curation

This certificate provides an information science-centered focus on data issues. Data curators work with data scientists to design, implement and apply data management techniques to relevant data sets. Graduates learn to design, curate and maintain big data systems using the principles of data science, information organization and representation.

Hand pointing at illustration of gears with the words Data Science
Data Science

Data science is a high-demand, interdisciplinary field that integrates concepts from computer science, math, business and communication. Students learn how to assess, organize, analyze and interpret big data in order to solve big problems. Data scientists work in all types of businesses and government agencies providing information that leads to data-driven decisions.

Data Science

Big data is everywhere! And today, no organization can succeed without using data to make decisions. It doesn’t matter if it’s an airline, a bank, government department, retailer, ride-share provider or sports team. This graduate degree trains you to practice data science in any discipline and build a career in the field you’re most passionate about!

Magnifying glass backlit with yellow light
Death Investigation

The Certificate in Death Investigation trains students to identify and carry out key investigative tasks conducted at every death scene. The certificate, when combined with a major in a laboratory science, prepares students for the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (ABMDI) national certifying exam and a career in forensic science.

Design & Visual Communication

Deeply rooted in community and focused on experimentation and collaboration, our dynamic DVC curriculum meets each student where they’re at to foster self-expression, empathy, visual literacy, strategy and a critical approach to the creation and production of wide array of design artifacts and touch points.

Person at coffee shop typing on laptop with mug of tea nearby
Digital Arts and Culture
Major, Certificate, Online

Technology is rapidly changing as is its impact on all types of industries and on our culture. The DAC program is at the forefront of the intersection of art and design, global communication theory, social media, marketing, journalism and social sciences. Coursework covers all of these areas, and students can customize electives around their particular interests.

Pair of highly designed goggles with geometric lenses
Digital Fabrication & Design

Our program is devoted to a simple goal, to move the art and technology of Craft forward by building on the past. By blending traditional hand crafted artistry with cutting edge technology, our students become artists with the hands of a craftsman, the mind of an engineer, and the imagination of a dreamer.

Black and white photo of ship on a lake in front of a mountain
Digital Libraries, Advanced Study
Certificate, Online
Doctor in white lab coat writing something down
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Doctoral, Online

The highest possible degree in advanced practice, the DNP instills in graduates the knowledge and leadership skills for clinical leadership roles influencing and improving clinical care delivery, patient outcomes and system management in many settings. UWM offers two entries to the DNP program: BS to DNP, students can choose one of four specialties, or the online MS to DNP

White crane moving a shipping container
Major, Minor, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s, Doctoral

Economics is about human and organizational decision-making. Applying theories and models to real-world data, students focus on such issues as unemployment, inflation, exchange rates, economic development, trade and global finance, tax policy, minimum wages, environmental policy, and healthcare. It is an analytical and high-demand field with high entry-level salaries.

Elementary school classroom with teacher sitting at table with students
Major, Minor

One of the state’s leading teacher preparation programs featuring experienced educators, research-based practices, and ten concentrations to fit any student’s career goals. Majors are connected to a network of 150+ schools and community partners where students apply what they learn, and train to teach in a variety of settings with a culturally diverse student population.

Woman sitting with clipboard in front of a child holding his arms up
Educational Psychology
Master’s, Doctoral

This degree prepares psychologists, researchers and educational professionals to effectively address the challenges of promoting education, learning and mental health in urban environments. Program options include specializations in counseling psychology, clinical mental health counseling, school counseling, and educational statistics and measurements.

Two men looking to the right and using engineering equipment
Electrical Engineering
Major, Minor, Doctoral

Study electronics, controls, computer systems, optics, nanotechnology, microwave and radio-frequency engineering and more through this ABET accredited program. Electrical engineers work in many fields, including but not limited to renewable energy, electronics, bio-imaging, signal and image processing, communications, automation and optical and photonic device design.

Two people standing at table in front of computer screen
Master’s, Accelerated Master’s, Doctoral

Explore biomedical, civil, computer, electrical, material, industrial or mechanical engineering, and participate in research and design synthesis. Select courses specific to your career objectives, and develop and defend an engineering thesis. This program does not require a rigid set of courses; design your own studies to prepare yourself for your ideal career.

Curved bookshelves filled with books
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral

Read closely, write persuasively, argue analytically, and imagine creatively. Students learn to think critically and explore a diversity of texts and media, from novels to poems, films to websites, corporate documents to social media. Focused plans of study prepare students for a wide range of careers in writing and editing, teaching, communications, and new media.

Hands pointing at a document with graphs
Enterprise Resource Planning
Certificate, Online

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) skills are in high demand. ERP systems are critical information systems that connect a company’s operations, including purchasing, production, sales, service, accounting, supply chain, finance and asset management, and customer/supplier relationships. Coursework prepares students for the SAP TERP 10 certification exam.

Chalkboard with the words: Startup, Idea, Success and Strategy; and a drawing of a rocketship

New ideas and innovation help companies grow. Entrepreneurship certificate students gain the knowledge and skills needed to assess new business opportunities, obtain financial resources, market and start new ventures, and manage entrepreneurial ventures for growth and profitability.

Two students using engineering equipment
Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineers develop and implement solutions to manage air, surface and ground water quality. Graduates of this interdisciplinary program will be prepared for careers in air and water pollution monitoring and mitigation, creation and maintenance of recycling and waste disposal methods, public health, and development and maintenance of efficient fuel methods.

People on Neeskay research vessel deploying yellow buoy
Environmental Health Sciences

Environmental Health Sciences PhD students learn to incorporate environmental health theories with public health competencies such as communication, public health biology, systems-thinking, and leadership. Faculty are drawn from several departments and research units, affording unparalleled opportunity for cross-disciplinary training and participation in novel research.

College professor teaching epidemiology class in brightly lit classroom

Our graduates are prepared to conduct independent epidemiologic research that informs programs and policies that promote better health, health equity and social justice.

Compass on top of napkin that reads: do what is right, not what is easy
Ethics, Values, and Society

Students explore ethics, politics and social justice across topics and learn to apply the theory behind these types of questions to today’s practical and relevant issues. Foundational courses in philosophy encourage students to think about ethics and values in relation to institutions, human rights, culture and identity, the environment, science, media and information.

Child's hand in front of colorful blocks
Exceptional Education
Major, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s

Make a difference in students’ lives as a special education professional. Work with individuals across the lifespan affected by disabilities. The special education teacher certification program prepares graduates to apply for Wisconsin licenses to teach students with disabilities in early childhood through adolescence, as well as Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.

Three people standing in a row and smiling
Executive MBA

The Executive MBA program is designed for experienced managers who want to sharpen their leadership skills, become better managers and focus their career trajectory. This strong cohort program allows our executive students to make professional connections across subjects and disciplines and work outside the classroom on team projects with Lubar’s partner organizations.

Horror movie set with actor on table and tech crew surrounding
Major, Minor

Recognized as one of Hollywood Reporter’s “Top 20 Film Programs in the World,” Variety’s “Best Entertainment Programs,” and ICX Media’s “Top 50 American Film Schools.” Committed to transforming students into expressive filmmakers with a mastery of both creative and technical skills, our program provides students with the flexibility to explore all aspects of the industry.

Vintage cameras and film equipment
Film Studies
Major, Minor

Film Studies focuses on the history, theory and criticism of film and television. Students learn how to discuss and write about these areas critically; make connections between media, historical themes, and cultural change; analyze the impact of film and television on individuals and society; and compare different media formats.

Woman with hair up and smiling closed mouth
Major, Accelerated Master’s

A finance specialist’s understanding of the economy and business presents opportunities in both corporate and investment finance. Financiers help their organization reach financial objectives by evaluating investments, allocating resources over time, and assessing risk valuation and markets.

Illustration of blue fingerprint containing dots connected with lines
Forensic Science

The Certificate in Forensic Science trains students in the necessary techniques and methods for analyzing physical evidence found at crime scenes. This training, which ranges from problem-solving techniques to the use of technological equipment and software, prepares students to evaluate evidence and communicate scientific results in a medicolegal context.

Test tubes in case
Forensic Toxicology

This certificate teaches students about the absorption, distribution, and elimination of drugs, poisons, metals, gases, and other harmful substances. The Certificate, when combined with a major in a laboratory science like chemistry, provides preparation for the American Board of Forensic Toxicology and the National Registry in Clinical Chemistry certification exams.

Exterior of the Louvre in Paris at night
Major, Minor, Accelerated Master’s

Develop global perspectives sought by companies, educational institutions and NGOs in the US, France and other French-speaking countries (Canada, Haiti, Belgium, Congo, etc.), and explore our many study abroad opportunities. Students who enter UWM with advanced French can earn a bachelor’s and master’s in 5 years to become a translator/interpreter.

UWM research vessel the Neeskay in front of Hoan bridge
Freshwater Sciences
Major, Minor, Accelerated Master’s, Doctoral

A Freshwater Sciences degree prepares students for careers in one of the fastest-growing sectors of the global economy. Study complex water systems through rigorous science-based coursework and hands-on experiences in the lab and field, including opportunities to explore Lake Michigan, urban rivers, groundwater systems, fisheries and more.

Student looking at small tank containing fish
Freshwater Sciences & Technology

From Milwaukee’s Harbor at the edge of the Great Lakes, students explore Earth’s largest freshwater system, urban rivers and water infrastructure, groundwater, fisheries and environmental health. Students choose a professional or thesis track, combining a science-based curriculum, field work, applied research, and community engagement resulting in a 97% job placement rate.

Group of students walking out of Lubar School of Business
General Business
Illustration of continents with lines of light connecting them
Geographic Information Systems
Statue of globe against blue sky
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral

Geographers analyze and interpret spatial patterns and influence public policy or corporate decisions. Long-range climate predictions, population shifts and urban management, land use, animal migration patterns, and new retail siting maps are just a few examples of practical applications. Geographers seek to understand the planet’s impact on people and vice versa.

People with backpacks looking into crater
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral

Geoscientists study the Earth and the processes that shape it. Water, glaciers, climate, soil quality, tectonics, and paleontology are just a few examples of elective concentrations. Required outdoor field work prepares students for jobs with environmental and water resource management; energy and mineral industries; and government agencies.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin Germany
Major, Minor, Accelerated Master’s

An emphasis on both language and culture prepares students for diverse careers. Students interested in international business can add a business minor, and double majors with an applied field are also popular. The German major is also the first step towards grad school for interpretation and translation. Multiple study abroad destinations are available.

Teacher with children standing around her looking at globe
Global Educator

The Global Educator Certificate prepares future educator professionals in K-12 schools or other educational settings to integrate global content and approaches into their professional practice. The certificate is designed for learners studying in graduate programs in the School of Education.

People in blue lab coats standing with groups of children
Global Health

The Global Health certificate prepares students to work in changing environments and with more diverse populations. Students will be able to respond to the challenges presented by permeable geographic and cultural boundaries. A Global Health certificate applies to careers not only in health care, but also government, nonprofits, education or international business.

Large city at night
Global Studies
Major, Minor, Accelerated Master’s

Students choose a specific track – global management, global communications, global security, global sustainability or global health – and many degrees are jointly awarded by two schools in recognition of the unique combination of professional training and liberal arts courses. Study abroad and an international internship are required.

Person in business attire and person in lab coat talking to a woman
Health Care Administration
Major, Minor, Master’s, Online

Students in the health care administration program learn business strategies needed to lead health care organizations: finance, information systems, strategic planning, HR management and marketing. A key component of this program is exposure to management and leadership training principles necessary to run a single department or a vast health care organization.

Blue illustration of zeroes and ones in rows
Health Care Informatics
Master’s, Certificate, Online

The fast-growing field of health care informatics seeks professionals with highly specialized training in IT and health care. The program’s interdisciplinary, expert faculty provide training in critical skills like systems analysis and design, decision support, health care applications and procurement and information security.

Elderly person holding a ball while aide holds their wrist
Health Professional Education

This certificate is a collaborative program among the College of Nursing, School of Education and the College of Health Sciences designed to provide health professionals with additional preparation in educational principles and theory.

Girl wearing lab coat and scarf while using pipette in a lab
Health Sciences

The Health Sciences PhD prepares experienced faculty/researchers in communication sciences and disorders, biomedical sciences, health/clinical informatics, occupational, kinesiology and physical therapy. Candidates work with research faculty in specialty areas, completing cross-disciplinary and core courses that take an interdisciplinary approach to health education.

Hammer and gavel next to stethoscope and books on a table
Healthcare Compliance
Certificate, Online

Health care compliance is critical to all organization types and persons who work in the health care industry. Whether you’re a health care practitioner, administrator, insurer or in a business that contracts with health care organizations, it is vital to understand the need for and function of a robust corporate compliance program.

Six older women wearing red and standing alongside each other
Healthy Aging

The Certificate in Healthy Aging is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to successfully pursue careers within organizations that serve older adults. Students acquire basic foundational knowledge in the processes of aging, issues regarding aging and the challenges of older adulthood.

Girl leaning over old document in room filled with archival materials
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral, Online

Our history alumni can be found in almost every type of profession. Analyzing the past and constructing new interpretations and applications leads to high-level critical thinking, problem-solving and written communication skills – excellent qualities for lawyers, journalists, business leaders, teachers, museum personnel and nonprofit managers.

Group of students standing and sitting in front of a palace
Hmong Diaspora Studies

This certificate gives students an overview of Hmong history, culture, language and contemporary life. Students planning careers that involve working with the Hmong population – social work, education, public administration, law, journalism, international affairs, travel and hospitality, and business – will find this certificate particularly valuable.

Collection of black and white family photos
Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights

This multidisciplinary certificate confronts the social forces that lead to genocide. With the Holocaust as its foundation, the certificate encourages students to look broadly at the moral, social, and political contexts of genocide and postgenocide memory, and to use their understanding to create meaningful change in our world.

Red-haired man in a button-up shirt and tie looking ahead
Human Resources Management
Major, Accelerated Master’s

Human resource professionals identify, recruit and select new employees; provide employee training and development; and administer compensation and benefits plans. To succeed and grow, businesses and corporations need professionals skilled in staffing, compensation, diversity, labor relations and training and development.

Two people wearing safety glasses and standing in front of engineering equipment
Industrial Engineering
Major, Minor

Industrial engineers work in public and private sectors to improve productivity, reduce waste, maximize profits and minimize injuries. Study the design, control, operation, evaluation and implementation of industrial systems and processes as part of this ABET-accredited program. Graduates work as manufacturing engineers, supply chain managers, ergonomists and more.

Hands typing on a laptop with code on the screen
Information Science & Technology
Major, Minor, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s, Online

Combining core IT skills like front-end web design, HCI, UX and information security with data science and project management, Information Science & Technology prepares students for current and emerging IT careers.

Information Security

This certificate prepares students to address threats from cyberattacks and information privacy intrusions. Students learn to assess security risks of proprietary information, evaluate information technology tools, and oversee the information security life cycle of an organization, including planning, acquisition, development and evolution of secure infrastructures.

Rows of books on either side of a wooden staircase and large arched window
Information Studies
Doctoral, Certificate

Study of the representation, storage, retrieval, use and impact of information on society. Prepare for an academic or administrative career by contributing to the discipline’s knowledge base. The School of Information Studies ranks fourth internationally and second in the U.S. in department contributions to library and information science literature.

Smiling man looking directly at viewer
Information Technology Management
Major, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s

Expanding technologies and data availability make IT professionals increasingly important around the world. IT professionals examine problems, then develop and communicate technology-based solutions. They use a range of IT skills and analysis to make data and new technologies work together across all of a company’s business functions. UWM has unique expertise in…

A short stack of books with an apple on top
Interdisciplinary Language and Literacy Intervention
Illustration of the world with gold lines connecting various points
International Business

Most businesses are affected in some way by international influences, such as currency issues, outsourcing, transportation, or distribution networks. Gaining an understanding of economic, political, and cultural differences will give you skills and perspectives that you’ll bring with you to make you a more “globally savvy” employee.

Woman wearing business attire and writing with a pen
International Human Resources and Labor Relations

The certificate compares the very different labor market institutions and human resource expectations across countries and cultures. It focuses on what works well, where and why. It prepares students to be professionals for an increasingly global workplace. With approval, MHRLR degree students may apply courses to both the certificate and their degree.

Illustration of globe with colorful lines running across it
International Studies
Major, Minor

The International Studies major prepares students for 21st century careers in a changing world. Taking a holistic approach to learning and professional development, the major emphasizes understanding cross-cultural, political, economic, and historical ties to prepare graduates for careers in a global marketplace.

Young people wearing nursing uniforms standing in a circle
Internationally -Educated Nurses Transitioning to US Nursing Practice

This 16-credit certificate prepares baccalaureate-educated nurses from outside of the United States to transition successfully to practice in the US and to make them eligible for licensure as Registered Nurses in the US.

Illustration of colorful pie graph, bar graphs and numbers
Investment Management

The investment management certificate program focuses on how individuals and organizations grow wealth through investment portfolios. This applied program allows students to learn the role of the sell-side analyst, buy-side analyst, investment banker, performance and risk manager, institutional sales, financial planner, and portfolio manager.

People sitting at the edge of a pool in front of a building
Major, Minor

We offer small classes and individualized attention for Italian majors. Language, literature, cuisine, and culture courses prepare students for careers in culinary arts, design, science, and education or for graduate school in translation and interpreting including UWM’s program – the first Italian-to-English translation program in the U.S.

Japanese shrine or temple with lanterns
Minor, Program of Study

The Japanese program provides students with the linguistic and cultural fluency required to live and work in a Japanese environment. Many alumni live in Japan, working and studying in varying fields; others work in the U.S. in Japanese-related careers such as Animé marketing, business, and government.

Ancient-looking brick structure against a blue sky
Jewish Studies
Major, Minor

UWM’s Sam and Helen Stahl Center for Jewish Studies and the Hebrew Studies Program have partnered to offer a major in Jewish Studies, with tracks in Hebrew Studies or Jewish Cultural Studies. Hebrew Studies emphasizes proficiency in the Hebrew language. The multidisciplinary Jewish Cultural Studies focuses on Jewish culture and history.

Display board with buttons and monitors
Journalism, Advertising, & Media Studies
Major, Minor

JAMS combines academic study of the media with practical training for careers in news (audio, video, and print), advertising, and public relations. Many courses are taught by professionals with experience working in the media. Internships are strongly encouraged and many students graduate with more than one experience on their resumé.

Person with stethoscope measuring heartbeat of man on treadmill wearing oxygen mask
Major, Minor, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s, Doctoral

Kinesiology is ideal for anyone fascinated by human movement. Students learn from faculty nationally recognized for research and teaching that deepens our understanding of physical activity. Students can specialize in topics like anatomy/physiology, biomechanics, psychosocial aspects of sport/exercise and motor development. Research and clinical opportunities are included.

Row of colorful book spines arranged in a rainbow
Language, Literature, & Translation

This Master’s program offers concentrations in Comparative Literature, French, German, and Translation & Interpreting. Each concentration offers joint degrees with Library & Information Science. The Translation concentration also offers a joint MA-MBA. The degree is flexible with a variety of academic and professional paths, including accelerated 5-year BA/MA programs.

Row houses in bright colors and wrought iron balconies
Latin American & Caribbean Studies

The certificate includes courses from different departments to explore the languages, history, culture, politics and economics of Caribbean, Central American and South American countries. Proficiency in a language of the region (besides English) is required. Study abroad is available to popular destinations such as Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Chile.

Red and blue building with tall center arch with people walking around
Latin American, Caribbean, & US Latinx Studies
Major, Accelerated Master’s

Uniquely UWM, LACUSL integrates the study of peoples and culture of Latin America and the Caribbean with the study of U.S. Latinx’s. Most other programs focus on one or the other. Alumni work stateside or abroad in health services, education, nonprofits, business, and government. An accelerated program leads to both the BA and a master’s in translation in 5 years.

Latina woman dancing
Latino Studies

Employers of all types find value in people who can work with diverse groups and who have strong intercultural communication skills. In this certificate, students learn about the impact of Latinos on the history, culture, politics and economy of the United States. They will develop their critical analysis skills and a broader world view.

Rainbow flag
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Studies

Explore questions of sex, identity, gender, representation, diversity, assimilation and discrimination through classes from anthropology, communication, literature, economics, film, health, history, nursing, psychology, sociology, theater, women’s and gender studies, and more. All who have an interest in the history and contemporary life of LGBT individuals are welcome.

Three female students sitting in class in front of windows
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral

Linguists study the structure, acquisition, and use of language in order to understand this uniquely human capacity and contribute to the development of new language-related technologies. Cutting-edge research takes place in ultrasound and eye-tracking labs, leading to new therapies, next-gen web search and speech recognition applications, and improved language pedagogy.

White man wearing sweater and looking straight ahead

The MS in Management is the optimal choice if you wish to do a “deep dive” into a specific business field, allowing you to contribute as a business subject matter expert who has a significant body of fundamental knowledge and an understanding of emerging issues.

Dark-haired woman wearing a polka dot blouse and holding a textbook
Management Science

For those pursuing doctoral work, the PhD in Management Science builds skills and expertise to conduct research in finance, management information systems, marketing, organization and strategic management, supply chain and operations management and more. Under an “apprenticeship” model, our doctoral students cultivate professional relationships and develop the skills to…

Curly-haired blond woman wearing a black blazer and crossing her arms
Major, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s

Marketers help their companies satisfy customers, build new markets and grow companies by conducting research, developing products and services, and devising planning, pricing, advertising, promotion and distribution strategies. With rapidly changing technologies and constantly changing customer attitudes and behaviors, highly qualified marketers are always in demand.

Business woman wearing glasses and a blazer
Master of Business Administration
Master’s, Online

The MBA program at the Lubar School of Business focuses on professional advancement through a highly-regarded business management program, combined with professional development opportunities focused on your unique professional needs. The MBA is offered in an accelerated 20-month cohort program or flexible schedule program, with online course offerings to accommodate…

Two business people pointing at a document
Master of Human Resources & Labor Relations

The Human Resources & Labor Relations master’s degree provides an interdisciplinary blend of human resources, staffing, labor, legal and statistical knowledge coursework and experience. Connect with faculty, peers and professionals in small classes. Human resources and labor relations professionals work with unions and management in both private and public sectors.

Rows of library shelves filled with books
Master of Library & Information Science
Master’s, Online

Ranked 14th in the nation, the ALA-accredited MLIS program prepares librarians, archivists and information professionals for careers in academic and public work settings. With a long history of online course delivery and experience with emerging technologies, the SOIS MLIS program prepares tomorrow’s librarians.

Person writing a note on a piece of paper while sitting at a desk with a laptop
Master of Public Administration

Public administrators must consider financial, legal, political and organizational constraints when implementing programs and policies. UWM’s theory-grounded courses provide practical preparation in fiscal control, quantitative analysis, organization management, decision analysis, government institutions, and legal procedures — valued skills for public sector management.

Group of women in patterned clothing standing together
Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding

Graduates of this unique program become change-makers engaged in complex global or local issues related to health and the environment. Students work with partners who are connected to the community/issue of interest to them: international organizations, government departments, nonprofits and educators. The program has active partnerships and programs across the globe.

Instructor supervising an engineering student using engineering equipment
Materials Engineering
Major, Minor

Materials engineers turn natural resources into useful products. Study biomaterials, energy, processing, metal casting, advanced materials and courses in ceramics, polymers, composites and electronics in this ABET-accredited program. Materials engineers work in many fields: aerospace, electronics, transportation, communication, construction, entertainment, sustainability.

Pencil writing a mathematical equation
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral

Math is the international language of science, tech and engineering. Teaching is often thought of first, but individuals who “speak the language” and enjoy problem-solving excel in all types of related fields: astrophysics, medicine, polling, data analysis, programming, market research, animation, national security, robotics, climate study and finance to name just a few.

Pen set on top of paper with mathematic equations written on it
Mathematics Teacher Leadership
Person looking at microscopic image on a screen
Mechanical Engineering
Major, Minor

Mechanical engineers design, develop, analyze, produce and test technical solutions in areas ranging from energy conversion to the production of construction equipment. Study mechanical engineering, thermal sciences and mechanical systems. Prepare for a career in manufacturing, transportation, biomedical, energy, architecture or aerospace in this ABET-accredited program.

Two hands shaking
Mediation and Negotiation

The graduate certificate provides practical knowledge for managing or resolving disputes in the workplace. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the certificate offers a foundation of skills for practicing mediation and negotiation between people and across organizations. A final course involves either fieldwork or a research paper.

Microscopic view of microbes

This major introduces you to the world of microorganisms that includes bacteria, viruses, fungi, and algae. Microbes cause disease, play major roles in environmental processes, and are used extensively in the food and biotech industries. This program prepares you for careers in microbiology, molecular biology, biotechnology, and health professions.

Ancient building set in cliff face
Middle Eastern & North African Studies

This certificate is ideal for students planning a career in government or global business. The region plays a key role in economics and politics but is complex with multiple nations that have their own structures and traditions. The area is studied through many lenses – historical, religious, economic, political and cultural – and requires one year of Arabic or Hebrew.

Illustration of spherical blue cells
Molecular Diagnostics

This certificate trains students in this newly emerging and rapidly evolving field of laboratory medicine. Coursework includes lecture and laboratory courses that focus on the application and preparation for the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification Molecular Biology national certification exam.

Rocky beach with palm trees and rising sun on horizon
Multicultural Knowledge of Mental Health Practices
Certificate, Online
Multidisciplinary Committee-Directed PhD

This option is designed to meet the needs of highly qualified and motivated doctoral students who have academic interests that cannot be met by a single, existing UWM doctoral program. The program crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries and opens new areas of instruction and research.

Interior of an art museum with patrons browsing large paintings
Museum Studies
Conductor conducting a string section
Major, Minor, Master’s

The largest professional degree-granting music department in the UW System, we serve the greater scholarly and musical communities through academic research, lectures and seminars, performances and instruction. Our world-renowned faculty provide students opportunities to perform and intern with Milwaukee’s leading music organizations while earning their degrees.

A person playing a piano
Music Education

Centered in child development and music cognition, our students are prepared to teach and supervise music in public schools. We offer three K-12 concentrations, each certified by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: Instrumental, Choral, and General Music Education. We proudly place 100% of our degree-seeking students into classrooms upon graduation.

Two hands surrounding an illustration of a brain covered in multicolored dots

If you’ve ever wondered how the brain works or what causes disorders like autism, addiction or Alzheimer’s, then Neuroscience is for you! Neuroscience students take coursework from psychology, biology, chemistry and physics to understand the brain and nervous system. This degree prepares you for careers in health care or graduate study in neuroscience or medicine.

A group of young people sitting in an office and talking
Non-Profit Management

In the nonprofit sector, there is growing demand for trained professional managers and leaders. The graduate certificate provides this training through coursework in management, accounting, marketing, fundraising and governance. It is often combined with a master’s program in public administration, social work, urban studies, business, education or arts administration.

Two nursing students assessing health stats of a medical dummy
Major, Master’s, Doctoral, Online

Wisconsin’s largest College of Nursing is a leader in nursing education, innovative research and community engagement. Undergraduates enjoy hands-on learning, use the latest technology and follow a comprehensive curriculum that includes theory and practice. Graduate students work with world-renowned faculty in research and clinical settings, shaping practice and policy.

Small group of people in an industrial kitchen
Nutritional Sciences
Major, Minor

Students in the nutritional sciences program prepare for careers in education, health promotion and disease prevention, or grad school. They develop the scientific/technical knowledge and skills essential to such careers, while building critical thinking and communication skills in public speaking, nutrition education, wellness, program development and professional writing

Woman wearing goggles and looking at rows of books
Occupational Science & Technology

The bachelor’s in Occupational Science & Technology (formerly Occupational Studies) is a flexible educational path that prepares students to work in different health and human service settings. Students are particularly well prepared for graduate study in occupational therapy and other disability-related disciplines.

Two people sitting next to a baby lying face up on a blue mat
Occupational Therapy

Taught by faculty who are leaders in occupational therapy (OT) through their professional credentials and research productivity, the OT master’s program at UWM is connected to 300+ clinical sites nationally. Students learn to design diverse therapies – dressing, eating, driving – for clients looking to lead full lives after a life-changing illness or injury.

Woman attaching electrodes to a man during a conference
Occupational Therapy Doctorate

The Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) is a post-professional degree. Beyond an entry-level master’s degree, OTD students complete additional preparation in leadership, advocacy, theory, research, and a mentored advanced doctoral experience.

With an OTD, you are better prepared to address the challenges of complex and ever-changing health care and education settings.

Organizational Leadership in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Organizations of all types need leaders who have the knowledge and skills to transform cultures and create more inclusive and equitable teams, workplaces and communities. This certificate helps working professionals from a variety of fields to identify issues, craft solutions and develop the ability to research and understand the complexities of diversity and inclusion.

View of body of water with a rowboat and sunrise
Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution
Statue heads of ancient philosophers in a row
Major, Minor, Master’s

Philosophers pursue the eternal questions of our existence – truth, knowledge, being, meaning, goodness and beauty. Our majors study great philosophers of the past and learn to inquire philosophically in a modern context. These critical thinking and writing skills lead to success in law, business, journalism, public service, teaching, etc.

Two researchers holding a baby with electrodes attached while walking on a treadmill
Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are in high demand. Students in Metro Milwaukee’s only public DPT program are highly successful. They benefit from small classes with award winning faculty, access to 400 clinical sites and research experience in groundbreaking health science labs. One hundred percent of UWM DPT grads are employed within six months of passing their national board exam.

Mechanical equipment with bright green light
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral

Physics underpins all scientific and technological advances. At UWM, students can study physics (with an optional concentration in astronomy and joint programs with engineering) in preparation for a variety of research or commercial careers. Faculty areas of expertise span bio imaging, nano-materials, energy storage, gravitational waves, astrophysics, proteins, and more.

Woman on pilates equipment and wearing workout gear

This certificate is ideal for students who want to advance their own practice and teach beginning, intermediate, and advanced Pilates mat and equipment. Through the rigorous study of anatomy and kinesiology, the curriculum combines the science and art of the modality in order for students develop a substantial, scientific basis for movement analysis.

Various national flags flapping in the wind against a blue sky
Political Science
Major, Minor, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s, Doctoral, Online

Political science provides the important skills and knowledge for careers in government, law, education, business, and other fields through courses in American politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory. Students can take a Law Studies concentration with electives focused on the Constitution, Supreme Court, and legal issues.

View of city in Portugal from the water lit up at night
Portuguese Language and Literature

Portuguese is widely spoken in Portugal and Brazil, as well as many other nations in the southern hemisphere, particularly throughout South America. Many assume that it is similar to Spanish. While they share common Latin roots, the structure of Portuguese blends features from French, Spanish, and the dialect of northern Italy, with a distinct Celtic influence.

Anesthesiologist in operating room checking on patient undergoing surgery
Pre-Anesthesiologist Assistant

A newer profession, there are 11 anesthesiology assistant graduate programs in the U.S. The graduate work takes 2 ½ years after the completion of a 4-year college degree with rigorous science and math preparation that is very similar to a pre-med path. Related volunteer or part-time work while in college is essential for admission to these competitive programs.

Person using suspended TRX band to do a row with supervision from two others standing nearby
Pre-Athletic Training

Athletic trainers collaborate with physicians in the prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries. To become an athletic trainer, students must complete a graduate degree in an accredited athletic training program. Our pre-professional program prepares students to enter an athletic training graduate program.

Black woman in foreground wearing auditory device with white woman behind glass in background

Audiologists are licensed health care professionals who specialize in evaluating, diagnosing, treating and managing hearing loss in children and adults. They prescribe and fit hearing aids, provide hearing rehabilitation, and much more. All audiologists have either a master’s degree or doctorate degree in the field of audiology.

Illustration of human torso with bones emphasized

The path to become a chiropractor includes four years of college and about 3 1/2 years of graduate school. In college, students take a rigorous science course load in biology, chemistry, physics, and kinesiology, and should log a significant number of hours in related work or volunteer experience. Biology and kinesiology are the most popular choices for a major.

Dental student and instructor examining patient mouth

Becoming a dentist requires 8 years of education – 4 years of college and 4 years of dental school. With 64 dental schools in the U.S., admission is very competitive. In college, students complete foundational science classes and obtain hands-on volunteer or part-time work experience. A pre-dental advisor helps students select a major, with biology being the most popular.

Small group of people in an industrial kitchen

Dietetics is the science and art of applying the principles of food and nutrition to health. It is a vital, growing profession with many career possibilities. Students graduate with a strong base in nutrition education, health promotion and disease prevention, which prepares them to join the workforce or continue on to graduate school.

Statue of lady justice holding scales and sword against blue sky

Students with an intent to attend law school after college can choose from any major. Although political science and history remain popular choices, any major that features dense reading, significant analysis, and substantial writing will prepare a student for the rigors of law school. Our pre-law advisor provides information on law school and their admissions processes.

Surgeons in operating room and performing surgery on patient

To become a doctor, you must complete a Bachelor’s degree, 4 years of medical school, and 3 to 7 years of residency. UWM students are advised with a focus on developing a competitive academic portfolio and attaining essential health-related hands-on experience in the community. Many pre-med students major in biology or biochemistry, but any major is allowed.

Young woman wearing goggles and looking at bookshelves
Pre-Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists (OTs) help people participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities (occupations). All occupational therapists have either a master’s degree or doctorate degree in the field of occupational therapy. Our pre-OT advisor helps students become competitive applicants for OT programs.

Young woman wearing goggles and looking at bookshelves
Hand holding a vial of blood
Pre-Pathologists’ Assistant

A pathologists’ assistant works under the supervision of a pathologist, similar to how a physician assistant works with physicians. Four years of college and a two-year master’s program are required. College coursework consists of rigorous science and math, similar to pre-med, with biology the most popular major choice. A specialty advisor is available to students.

Student wearing lab safety attire and pipetting in a lab

To become a pharmacist, students must obtain significant knowledge in chemistry in addition to other natural sciences in college before entering a pharmacy doctoral program. Our pre-pharmacy advisor guides students through the course sequence and advises them on the application process and becoming a competitive applicant for pharmacy school.

Two researchers holding a baby with electrodes attached while walking on a treadmill
Pre-Physical Therapy

Physical therapists (PTs) diagnose and treat individuals with medical problems or other conditions that limit their abilities to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives. All physical therapists have a doctorate degree in the field of physical therapy. Our pre-PT advisor helps students become competitive applicants for doctoral PT programs.

Operating room with four doctors wearing scrubs and facemasks
Pre-Physician Assistant

Physician assistants work under the supervision of doctors and perform a variety of tasks related to patient examination, diagnosis and treatment. Most students attend a two-year master’s program after college. Our specialty Pre-PA advisor helps students with course and major selection and with suggestions for hands-on learning, a requirement to get into PA school.

Someone standing on sandy beach with footprints

Podiatry is a fast-growing profession that requires a doctoral degree (four years after college) at one of the nine podiatry schools in the U.S. Coursework is focused in the sciences, particularly biology and biochemistry, and students are advised to obtain relevant hands-on experience in college to be a competitive applicant to podiatry school.

Two female students at computers talking to female instructor
Pre-Speech Language Pathology

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) help people of all ages with communication and swallowing problems. Problems with communication and swallowing can have a significant impact on people’s quality of life. SLPs work to prevent, assess, diagnose and treat a range of problems.

Two veterinarians holding a Dobermann pinscher
Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Becoming a vet requires 4+ years of additional schooling beyond college. With only 30 vet schools in the U.S., admission is highly-competitive. Our pre-vet advisor advises students on the selection of core science classes and helps connect them to jobs or volunteer opportunities for hands-on experience. The most popular major is biology, though any major can be chosen.

Professional Practice in Civil Engineering Infrastructure

Designed to help practicing engineers advance with an individualized graduate program in a flexible part-time or full-time format. Learn the most up-to-date engineering, theory and techniques. No GRE required. A five-course, 15-credit certificate tailored for working professionals with potential for evening, hybrid (in-person/online) and fully online courses.

Young woman with curly hair talking to two unseen people
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

The Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate is designed for registered nurses that have already completed a master’s degree in nursing and wish to pursue preparation as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP).

Man sitting in front of computer screen showing brain scan images
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral, Online

Psychologists seek to understand the social and biological bases of behavior. Some students earn a master’s degree to become therapists; others work in healthcare, social services, education, human resources, marketing, or other people-oriented professions. Faculty specialize in clinical psychology, neuroscience, and health psychology.

Milwaukee skyline in background with Lake Michigan and sailboats in foreground
Public & Population Health

The Certificate in Public and Population Health is designed for students and working professionals involved in program planning and implementation, evaluation, education policy, health policy, engineering administration, research and other areas related to public and population health.

Drone shot of UWM School of Public Health building in downtown Milwaukee
Public Health
Major, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s, Doctoral

Prepare for a career in biostatistics, community & behavioral health, environmental health sciences, epidemiology or public health policy & administration through graduate work at the Zilber School of Public Health. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that hospitals, government agencies and research organizations need more public health professionals.

Public Health

The Public Health undergraduate certificate is designed for anyone interested in applying public health concepts, methods, approaches and skills to their current or future career. If you want to make a difference in the health and well-being of communities, this certificate is for you.

Blurry illustration of crowd with yellow pie chart in corner and hand drawing a yellow line
Quantitative Social Data Analysis

Data analysis is an essential part of the study of any social science. This certificate teaches advanced statistics and data analysis beyond what is required in the major. Five additional statistics and research methods courses are required, and this formal credential indicates to employers and graduate programs that the student has hard skills in data analytics.

Racial and Social Justice in Education

The Racial and Social Justice in Education graduate certificate teaches students about the history and sources of racial and other oppression in the United States. Coursework also explores how these oppressive forces play out in and around schools today, and it provides strategies for confronting and changing the structures and attitudes that perpetuate these patterns.

Graphic of houses increasing in size with green arrow pointed upwards
Real Estate

The real estate certificate prepares you for careers including brokerage, mortgage banking, appraisal, investment, development and property management, as well as growing opportunities in the areas of sustainability and the environment. This certificate program will expose you to real estate markets, finance, valuation, and property development and management.

Sunlight streaming through window of old church
Religious Studies
Major, Minor

The academic analysis of religion across cultures, time, and place provides an understanding of one of the most powerful influences on human behavior throughout history and in modern times. UWM’s interdisciplinary approach combines courses in anthropology, architecture, art, classics, literature, Jewish Studies, history and philosophy.

Man in suit doing a presentation in front of other people sitting and wearing business attire
Rhetorical Leadership

Leaders with limited resources and/or formal authority must influence others through language and argument. This certificate gives students the theoretical framework, practical skills and models to do so. Rhetorical leadership is particularly valuable for careers in public service, education, the nonprofit sector, business and social activism.

View of top of colorfully patterned St. Petersburg castle
Major, Minor

There is high demand for Russian speakers in both the public and private sector, but few U.S. universities offer a Russian degree. We offer broad training in Russian language and culture, and our alumni have careers in a wide variety of fields ranging from counterintelligence to social work. Nearly all UWM Russian majors study abroad on competitive federal scholarships.

Row of Russian statues of men on pedestals
Russian & East European Studies

Russia is a global influencer in politics, economics, security and international business. UWM’s certificate is one of a handful of U.S. programs in which students can study the Russian language alongside Russian history, culture, politics and economics. Students in the certificate can choose a track with language emphasis or a track without.

Young white woman smiling at little girl in braids
School Counseling
Librarian in computer lab helping kids
School Librarianship
Certificate, Online

School librarians are education leaders who facilitate the exploration of technology tools, information literacy and current literature. School librarians guide students in research and reading, ethical use of information and critical thinking. UWM offers four pathways to candidates seeking the School Library Media Specialist Certification (WI #1902 License).

Hand pointing at figure skater illustration next to other illustrations in spiral notebook
School Psychology Ed. S.
Master’s, Doctoral

This degree prepares students to work as school psychologists and leads to state certification. Based on a scientist-practitioner model and coursework in educational psychology and complementary disciplines, our program emphasizes the link between theory, research, and practice. Approved by the National Association of School Psychologists.

View through trees of the top of a red brick building
Social Welfare

The PhD in Social Welfare prepares students for work as faculty, researchers and leaders in social work or criminal justice. PhD specializations include applied gerontology, criminal justice, family and child welfare, and health and behavioral health. Curriculum tracks are available for each specialty. UWM offers joint master’s and PhD options.

Small group of people sitting around table in an office
Social Work
Major, Master’s

Examine social problems from multiple perspectives and encourage change among individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. Social work practitioners work in child welfare, gerontology, mental and physical health, and community leadership. This program partners with hundreds of agencies to prepare graduates with hands-on field experience.

Black and white long exposure photo of crowds on staircases
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral, Online

Sociology is the study of the social world. While psychologists study individuals, sociologists investigate the structure, interaction and behavior of groups and organizations. Research areas of note at UWM include: housing segregation, stay-at-home dads, juvenile delinquency, the sociology of food, religion and politics, gender identity and race relations.

Mesoamerican pyramid with tourists standing at bottom
Major, Minor, Master’s

Spanish is one of the world’s most used languages. It is an official language of 20 countries and in the United Nations. A Spanish degree can be combined with another major to enhance career readiness in healthcare, business, social services, government foreign service, marketing, or journalism. An MA in Spanish further develops one’s proficiency in language and culture.

Young man using crutches shaking hand of woman
Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

With an emphasis on proficiency in medical Spanish, this certificate is ideal for students planning a career in health care involving direct patient care or customer service. The certificate provides the language skills, cultural knowledge and science background needed to help Spanish speakers successfully negotiate the health care system.

College students wearing hardhats in gym and assessing large model of bridge
Structural Engineering

Structural engineers focus on the design and physical integrity of buildings and other large structures, assuring they are safe and stable. They frequently work with architects and contractors. In addition to new construction, they often inspect and design plans for maintenance or renovation of existing structures.

Silhouette of person with arms raised in front of ocean sunset
Study of Complementary & Integrative Health Approaches
Certificate, Online

Complementary and integrative health modalities advocate for care that is patient-centered, healing-oriented and uses therapeutic approaches originating from conventional and alternative medicine. Completion provides basic scientific knowledge and skills to critically evaluate the current and future use of complementary and integrative health care.

Young black woman in glasses and black blazer smiling
Supply Chain & Operations Management
Major, Accelerated Master’s

Supply chain and operations management experts determine how to most efficiently plan, source, make and move materials and, finally, finished goods to the customer. As companies seek to operate more efficiently, supply chain specialists are an increasingly integral part of manufacturing, the service industry, health care, retail and government organizations.

View over someone's shoulder as they type on laptop at a table
Support Services for Online Students in Higher Education
Certificate, Online
Faceless person at desk using a screen device in one hand and using a calculator in other

Advanced training to be a tax professional in a CPA firm, law firm, corporation, nonprofit or a government agency. This certificate program is focused on developing your skills to research tax issues and applying sound factual and legal reasoning that results in positions on tax returns or in transaction modeling projects where mitigating the tax impact is essential.

Young woman writing equation on whiteboard with two other young women watching
Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Certificate, Online
Woman and two children looking at a book in a library
Teaching and Learning, Advanced Study
Certificate, Online
Black and white blurry photo taken from the POV between two people's shoulders
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

This certificate trains students to teach English to non-English speaking adults. TESOL is an internationally recognized acronym for specialized training in the methods of teaching English, second language acquisition, bilingualism and multicultural awareness. Some alumni travel the globe for work while others stay in the United States teaching English to immigrants.

Stage production with two Black actors - one at a bar and one behind it
Major, Minor

Focused on theatre as a way of exploring and positively affecting society, students join a diverse and welcoming community of artists committed to helping them learn and succeed in the broad world of creative practice, performance, production and education. Outside of the classroom, students are involved with all of Milwaukee’s professional theatre companies.

Two wheelchair users doing archery
Therapeutic Recreation
Certificate, Online

Therapeutic recreation, also known as recreation therapy, is a unique profession that uses recreation- and activity-based interventions to improve people’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual lives and cognitive functioning. This certificate helps you meet the academic coursework eligibility requirements to become a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS).

Young boy squatting in front of cardboard box in a storage facility
Transition for Students with Disabilities
Two women - one black and one white - standing in front of seated women
Translation & Interpreting Studies
Master’s, Certificate, Online

Translation & Interpreting Studies offers fully online degrees and certificates. The master’s degree has tracks in interpreting and in translation with a research or professional focus. The professional translation master’s program is also available in coordination with an MBA or MLIS (library science). Graduate certificates are available in translation or interpreting.

Young woman sitting on couch across from older man in dark coat
Trauma-Informed Care

The Certificate in Trauma-Informed Care is a multidisciplinary program that integrates knowledge from the social, behavioral and health sciences. The primary goal of the program is to train graduate students from the helping professions in specialized knowledge and skills related to psychological trauma.

Person wearing a sweater and adjusting part of a model of a city
Urban Design

New in 2020, you can complete the MUD in 12 months. Develop the knowledge and skills to create sustainable, equitable, prosperous urban spaces for present and future generations by studying rapidly changing urban environments. This graduate program is taught by professors from UWM’s accredited architecture and urban planning departments and by Milwaukee-area practitioners.

Students sitting at desks in classroom with instructor standing on the right
Urban Education

Students gain skills and knowledge to conduct research and ground their practice, studying a wide range of urban education issues. Specializations include adult, continuing and higher education leadership; art education; curriculum and instruction; exceptional education; higher education leadership; mathematics education; multicultural education; and social foundations.

Pedestrian street in Montreal Canada with two people walking in foreground
Urban Planning
Master’s, Certificate

The Master of Urban Planning is a two-year professional program that prepares students for careers in public planning agencies, nonprofits or private practice and is fully accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board. Candidates enroll in the program from diverse professional/educational backgrounds: architecture, geography, political science, engineering, business.

View from above of a large city filled with skyscrapers
Urban Studies
Major, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s, Doctoral, Certificate

Cities, suburbs, and metro regions often face a set of unique challenges in addressing issues of transportation, education, housing, poverty, crime, ethnicity, sustainability, employment, and development. Students explore all of these topics through coursework across 11 departments and fields, and can choose to focus their electives around an area of particular interest.

Healthcare staff walking down a hallway
Value-Based Healthcare
Certificate, Online

Offered in collaboration with Advocate Aurora Health, one of the nation’s largest and most successful managed care operations, this certificate prepares students for jobs in population management roles within healthcare organizations.

Two columns of computer code on a monitor screen
Web Development
Black and white photo of college students holding Women's Day banner
Women’s and Gender Studies
Major, Minor, Master’s, Certificate

UWM was the first Wisconsin campus to offer a WGS program. Ours is a flexible program – students can choose classes from 30 different departments. Whether the subject is gender identity, gender in the media, women’s and gender history, feminist research methods, women in politics, or any number of other topics, students will examine women and gender through a new lens.

Female Asian-American student sitting in class and thinking while holding a pen
Youth Work
Certificate, Online

UWM is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (hlcommission.org), an institutional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.