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All UWM schools and colleges provide opportunities for students to complete general education requirements. The Career Planning & Resource Center, in collaboration with Pathway Advising, helps undecided students identify their ideal major(s).

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African and African Diaspora Studies
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral

This major examines the cultures, societies and political economies of people of African descent worldwide. Topics include history, literature, political science, economics, education, and media. The knowledge and skills gained apply to professions in healthcare, education, journalism, social work, law and justice, business, public policy, and arts.

Group of archaeologists at a dig site
Major, Minor, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s, Doctoral

Anthropologists study people and cultures, past and present. Field work and hands-on experience are important parts of the program. An understanding of human organization, communication, and behavior can lead to careers in government service, business, education, marketing, nonprofit administration, cultural resource management, and more.

Hand placing part of a model into a slightly larger architectural model
Architectural Studies
Major, Minor

Architectural studies is a four-year pre-professional degree program that prepares students for graduate studies in architecture and related design fields. Students accrue skills in architectural thinking, design, visualization, fabrication, prototyping and simulation. The program lays a foundation of unique problem-solving skills empowering students to change the world.

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Two college students - one female and one male - sitting with others behind them
Major, Master’s, Doctoral, Online

The study of communication examines how language is used to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, and media. The mission of the Department of Communication is to provide students with education in the theory, history, ethics and practice of communication and to prepare them for careers and leadership in a wide variety of professions.

Group of people at coffee shop with one writing in a notebook
Community Engagement & Education
Major, Accelerated Master’s, Online

Learn strategies for management, leadership and entrepreneurship, leading to positions in community-based organizations, child care, foster care agencies and government. Examine the causes of social inequality and explore solutions. Focus on a range of areas: alternative education, child and family services, community-based organizations, youth work and more.

Children planting a tree
Community Engagement Strategies

This certificate helps students gain a practical, historical and theoretical understanding of strategies for promoting social change through collective action. It’s excellent preparation for students who are interested in becoming community organizers, youth and social workers, politicians, community researchers and nonprofit administrators.

Woman with arms crossed standing in front of screen
Criminal Justice and Criminology
Major, Minor, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s

Study the criminal justice system through legal and political lenses, examining the nature, causes and impact of crime. Students learn through courses taught by experienced faculty, and in fieldwork opportunities, to improve their listening, speaking, writing, analytical and evaluative skills. They graduate prepared to work in law enforcement, corrections and the courts.

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Major, Minor, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s, Doctoral

Economics is about human and organizational decision-making. Applying theories and models to real-world data, students focus on such issues as unemployment, inflation, exchange rates, economic development, trade and global finance, tax policy, minimum wages, environmental policy, and healthcare. It is an analytical and high-demand field with high entry-level salaries.

Elementary school classroom with teacher sitting at table with students
Major, Minor

One of the state’s leading teacher preparation programs featuring experienced educators, research-based practices, and ten concentrations to fit any student’s career goals. Majors are connected to a network of 150+ schools and community partners where students apply what they learn, and train to teach in a variety of settings with a culturally diverse student population.

Woman sitting with clipboard in front of a child holding his arms up
Educational Psychology
Master’s, Doctoral

This degree prepares psychologists, researchers and educational professionals to effectively address the challenges of promoting education, learning and mental health in urban environments. Program options include specializations in counseling psychology, clinical mental health counseling, school counseling, and educational statistics and measurements.

Child's hand in front of colorful blocks
Exceptional Education
Major, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s

Make a difference in students’ lives as a special education professional. Work with individuals across the lifespan affected by disabilities. The special education teacher certification program prepares graduates to apply for Wisconsin licenses to teach students with disabilities in early childhood through adolescence, as well as Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.

Statue of globe against blue sky
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral

Geographers analyze and interpret spatial patterns and influence public policy or corporate decisions. Long-range climate predictions, population shifts and urban management, land use, animal migration patterns, and new retail siting maps are just a few examples of practical applications. Geographers seek to understand the planet’s impact on people and vice versa.

Large city at night
Global Studies
Major, Minor, Accelerated Master’s

Students choose a specific track – global management, global communications, global security, global sustainability or global health – and many degrees are jointly awarded by two schools in recognition of the unique combination of professional training and liberal arts courses. Study abroad and an international internship are required.

Girl leaning over old document in room filled with archival materials
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral, Online

Our history alumni can be found in almost every type of profession. Analyzing the past and constructing new interpretations and applications leads to high-level critical thinking, problem-solving and written communication skills – excellent qualities for lawyers, journalists, business leaders, teachers, museum personnel and nonprofit managers.

Illustration of globe with colorful lines running across it
International Studies
Major, Minor

The International Studies major prepares students for 21st century careers in a changing world. Taking a holistic approach to learning and professional development, the major emphasizes understanding cross-cultural, political, economic, and historical ties to prepare graduates for careers in a global marketplace.

Display board with buttons and monitors
Journalism, Advertising, & Media Studies
Major, Minor

JAMS combines academic study of the media with practical training for careers in news (audio, video, and print), advertising, and public relations. Many courses are taught by professionals with experience working in the media. Internships are strongly encouraged and many students graduate with more than one experience on their resumé.

Red and blue building with tall center arch with people walking around
Latin American, Caribbean, & US Latinx Studies
Major, Accelerated Master’s

Uniquely UWM, LACUSL integrates the study of peoples and culture of Latin America and the Caribbean with the study of U.S. Latinx’s. Most other programs focus on one or the other. Alumni work stateside or abroad in health services, education, nonprofits, business, and government. An accelerated program leads to both the BA and a master’s in translation in 5 years.

Three female students sitting in class in front of windows
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral

Linguists study the structure, acquisition, and use of language in order to understand this uniquely human capacity and contribute to the development of new language-related technologies. Cutting-edge research takes place in ultrasound and eye-tracking labs, leading to new therapies, next-gen web search and speech recognition applications, and improved language pedagogy.

Various national flags flapping in the wind against a blue sky
Political Science
Major, Minor, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s, Doctoral, Online

Political science provides the important skills and knowledge for careers in government, law, education, business, and other fields through courses in American politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory. Students can take a Law Studies concentration with electives focused on the Constitution, Supreme Court, and legal issues.

Statue of lady justice holding scales and sword against blue sky

Students with an intent to attend law school after college can choose from any major. Although political science and history remain popular choices, any major that features dense reading, significant analysis, and substantial writing will prepare a student for the rigors of law school. Our pre-law advisor provides information on law school and their admissions processes.

Young woman with curly hair talking to two unseen people
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

The Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate is designed for registered nurses that have already completed a master’s degree in nursing and wish to pursue preparation as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP).

Man sitting in front of computer screen showing brain scan images
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral, Online

Psychologists seek to understand the social and biological bases of behavior. Some students earn a master’s degree to become therapists; others work in healthcare, social services, education, human resources, marketing, or other people-oriented professions. Faculty specialize in clinical psychology, neuroscience, and health psychology.

Small group of people sitting around table in an office
Social Work
Major, Master’s

Examine social problems from multiple perspectives and encourage change among individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. Social work practitioners work in child welfare, gerontology, mental and physical health, and community leadership. This program partners with hundreds of agencies to prepare graduates with hands-on field experience.

Black and white long exposure photo of crowds on staircases
Major, Minor, Master’s, Doctoral, Online

Sociology is the study of the social world. While psychologists study individuals, sociologists investigate the structure, interaction and behavior of groups and organizations. Research areas of note at UWM include: housing segregation, stay-at-home dads, juvenile delinquency, the sociology of food, religion and politics, gender identity and race relations.

Person wearing a sweater and adjusting part of a model of a city
Urban Design

New in 2020, you can complete the MUD in 12 months. Develop the knowledge and skills to create sustainable, equitable, prosperous urban spaces for present and future generations by studying rapidly changing urban environments. This graduate program is taught by professors from UWM’s accredited architecture and urban planning departments and by Milwaukee-area practitioners.

Pedestrian street in Montreal Canada with two people walking in foreground
Urban Planning
Master’s, Certificate

The Master of Urban Planning is a two-year professional program that prepares students for careers in public planning agencies, nonprofits or private practice and is fully accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board. Candidates enroll in the program from diverse professional/educational backgrounds: architecture, geography, political science, engineering, business.

View from above of a large city filled with skyscrapers
Urban Studies
Major, Master’s, Accelerated Master’s, Doctoral, Certificate

Cities, suburbs, and metro regions often face a set of unique challenges in addressing issues of transportation, education, housing, poverty, crime, ethnicity, sustainability, employment, and development. Students explore all of these topics through coursework across 11 departments and fields, and can choose to focus their electives around an area of particular interest.

Black and white photo of college students holding Women's Day banner
Women’s and Gender Studies
Major, Minor, Master’s, Certificate

UWM was the first Wisconsin campus to offer a WGS program. Ours is a flexible program – students can choose classes from 30 different departments. Whether the subject is gender identity, gender in the media, women’s and gender history, feminist research methods, women in politics, or any number of other topics, students will examine women and gender through a new lens.

UWM is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (hlcommission.org), an institutional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.