Achieving Sexual Health Equity Among Latinx Adolescents in the US

Achieving sexual health equity among Latinx adolescents in the US by helping them to develop and maintain safe relationships (i.e. avoid/reduce transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancy, and intimate partner violence)

The History of Star Wars Fans and Racial Perceptions

I am working on a book analyzing interracial (and inter-species) interactions in the Star Wars franchise. This also involves telling the history of fans' racial perceptions since 1977. I am especially interested in minority audiences, who are more likely to offer critical perspectives of the movies. We will search for statements in primary sources published during the original trilogy, as well as recollections from later years. We will construct a timeline of Star Wars fanship with their racial attitudes in mind. As this project progresses, we might seek institutional review board approval and conduct interviews.

Galvanic Skin Response Signal Acquisition and Processing for Affective Computing

The objective of this project is to design and develop units for galvanic skin response (GSR) signal acquisition and processing. This project is part of a more sophiscated research on wearable devices for real-time affective computing, which reveals people's emotion and motivational intensity. GSR has been successfully applied for affective computing since it is a good indicator of people's mental status. However, current GSR signal acquisition and processing products are expensive, over-sensitive to body movement, and not comfortable to wear by users. Therefore, in this project, we aim to design new units that can solve these problems. We will study how to drive GSR sensors using light-weight circuits and conduct on-board signal processing to remove artifacts during signal acquisition. The potential application of this project includes the detection of drivers’ anger and anxiety during driving and tracking of workers' cognitive load when operating complex equipment.