Fostering Friendships between High School Level Chinese International and Domestic Students

Current research reveals that international students adjust more optimally to the host country when they have domestic friendships. Yet, research also reveals that international students, particularly those of Asian origins studying in Western countries, do not always have domestic friends. The researcher aims to study and examine the process of sociocultural adjustment for high school level Chinese international students in the present study. Specifically, friendship development between high school level Chinese international students and their domestic peers is examined. The present study focuses on the perspectives of high school level Chinese international students, and is designed to achieve two goals: a) to learn about the experience of participants in regards to developing friendships with their domestic peers and b) to identify factors that encourage or discourage the development of intercultural friendships between the two groups.

Exploring Community: Re-imaging Hanji (Korean handmade paper) Traditions

Research includes exploring traditional papercraft practices (informed by Korean and Japanese paper and ancient printmaking processes from India) and blending them with emerging technologies. We will offer workshops at elder care facilities (TimeSlips), Aurora Health Center (Walkers Point), ONG (Washington Park), and the Wauwatosa Historical Society to facilitate an exchange of stories about cultural craft traditions (a relational practice). Interviews and activities will influence a new series of artwork that will exhibit at IPCNY in NewYork; The Alice Wilds Gallery in Walkers Point, Milwaukee; and The InKo (Indian and Korean) Cultural Center in Chennai, India.