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YOUR vote! YOUR Union!
2017 Student Union Renovation Referendum: Built, run, and funded largely by student fees; the UWM Student Union first broke ground in the 1950’s to give students a flexible and welcoming area on campus to dine, meet and fuel their campus PRIDE.The 2017 Student Union Renovation Referendum gives today’s student a chance to ensure that the Union’s programs, services and resources are accessible and suitable for generations of Panthers to come.

Go Panthers!

What’s with the Band-Aids?

There are 33 of these large bandages stuck on walls, floors, and ceilings throughout the Union. Together they represent $9.3 Million in structural repairs carried out in and around the building within the last 15 years.

Each bandage is linked to an augmented reality video that explains some of those repairs. In order to see them, you need to download a free app called Aurasma (IOS, Android). If you’ve never experienced ‘AR’, try it today, or simply click the bandages below to watch on YouTube.


Know YOUR Union

The Union was built in four separate stages; first breaking ground in 1956, then upgraded in 1963, 1972 and 1987. Each unit was built to provide new and exciting services to students and community members. Look for these items around the building, and complete the build map to win a prize!

To learn more about the build years, click on the items below:

ticket1956 ticket1963 ticket1972 ticket1987
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Know YOUR Fellow Panther
Melissa Mursch
Melissa Mursch
Art Design Major w/ Fibers Emphasis + Art History Minor

“Being an introvert, it’s hard to meet other people. Being in the Union helps make connections! Having a wide range of groups to interact with means that you need to work with others to get things done. This helps support diversity and encourage interactions.”
Lucus Dedrick
Lucas Dedrick
Architecture & Urban Planning

“I go to the Union everyday to eat with my friends. But, I can’t stand the concrete walls, it makes the space look and feel cold. The Union could use more natural light and plants, since we’re a campus that spends most of the year inside.”
Nicole Gorelik
Nicole Gorelik
Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies

“I’m a member of Students Supporting Israel at UWM, and we host a ton of events in the Union each year. I remember freaking out one time, because I forgot to reserve a projector for an event we had that day. The Union staff was amazing in getting a projector, and the event was a success.”


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