WGS endorses Center for Jewish Studies statement, “No Room for Hate at UWM”

Earlier this week, a student held a swastika sign near a public student event celebrating Israeli Independence Day. While his action may fall within the purview of the First Amendment, it lies far outside the feminist values we work to embody in our classrooms, research, and service. This act must not be dismissed as a joke, a trivial incident, or in the student’s words, “a publicity stunt.” It is none of those things. The symbol belongs to a ideology of hatred and violence against others whom it considers different and inferior. Audre Lorde encourages all of us to imagine difference horizontally rather than as a vertical hierarchy that elevates some and oppresses others. As she wrote, we are not separated by our differences, but by “our reluctance to recognize those differences and to deal effectively with the distortions which have resulted from the ignoring or misnaming of those differences.” We fully endorse the Sam & Helen Stahl Center for Jewish Studies’ statement, “No Room for Hate at UWM,” and encourage you to do the same.