WCTC AAS Business Management to UWM BBA General Business

The Business Management AAS degree at WCTC teaches students how to set objectives, delegate tasks and manage personnel.  Coursework covers business concepts such as:

  • Business operations
  • Processes
  • Goal-setting
  • Resource organization

The General Business BBA at UWM builds on that broad approach with business core and foundations courses. Students choose their own focus in the major. 

Both programs emphasize:

  • Practical communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Interpersonal relations

The transfer pathway below follows the articulation agreement between WCTC’s AAS in Business Management & related BBA degrees at UWM.  To have as many courses transfer as possible, follow the course substitutions marked with an asterisk. 

The Lubar College of Business offers other BBA degrees that follow the same agreement:

Follow the links above for transfer guides for these additional majors. Or visit the Transfer Guide webpage for a full list and other transfer information. 

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WCTC Courses and the UWM Equivalent

WCTC CourseCreditsUWM CourseUWM Requirement
801-136 English Composition3ENGLISH 101Elective/Prereq for ENGLISH 102
804-118 Intermediate Algebra w/ Apps*4MATH 105Quantitative Literacy – Part A
809-196 Intro to Sociology3SOCIOL 101Social Science GER
809-199 Psychology of Human Relations3PSYCH XSSocial Science GER
801-196 Oral/Interpersonal Communication3COMMUN 105Business Foundations
809-143 Microeconomics3ECON 103Business Foundations
809-287 Macroeconomics (Elective)*3ECON 104Business Foundations
106-162 Introduction to Microsoft Word1BUS ADM 230Business Foundations – must take free Lubar bridge
course after transfer to earn equivalency
106-163 Introduction to Microsoft Excel1BUS ADM 230Business Foundations – must take free Lubar bridge
course after transfer to earn equivalency
106-166 Business Presentation Software1BUS ADM 230Business Foundations – must take free Lubar bridge
course after transfer to earn equivalency
102-160 Business Law3BUS ADM 391Business Core
104-102 Marketing Principles3BUS ADM 360Business Core
182-101 Principles of Supply Chain Management3BUS ADM 370Business Core – Requirement met only if AAS
is completed
AAS Degree CompletionBUS ADM 330Business Core – Requirement met, no additional
credit awarded
101-109 Business Accounting4BUS ADM XBusiness Admin elective
101-132 Business Financial Management3BUS ADM 305Business Admin elective
102-101 Business Professionalism1BUS ADM XBusiness Admin elective
102-118 Business Management Capstone3BUS ADM XBusiness Admin elective
138-150 Global Business Fundamentals3BUS ADM XBusiness Admin elective
196-125 Management of Customer Service3BUS ADM XBusiness Admin elective
196-140 Managing People3BUS ADM XBusiness Admin elective
196-190 Leadership Development3BUS ADM XBusiness Admin elective
623-170 Intro to Continuous Improvement3TRAN-FRE XGeneral elective
890-108 Employment Success1TRAN-FRE XGeneral elective – credit granted only if AAS is completed
Total WCTC Credits61
*Recommended substitution or elective

UWM Courses to Fulfill Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

UWM CourseCreditsUWM Requirement
ENGLISH 1023Oral & Written Communication – Part A
ENGLISH 2063Oral & Written Communication – Part B
Language other than English0-8May be met by two years HS or two semesters of college
Various course options3Art GER
Various course options6Humanities GER
Various course options6-7Natural Science GER – one course with lab
May be met by approved Art or Humanities course0-3Cultural Diversity GER
BUS ADM 201 – Intro to Financial Accounting4Business Foundations
MATH 208 – Quantitative Models for Business or
MATH 211 – Calculus Survey
4Business Foundations & Quantitative Literacy – Part B
BUS ADM 210 – Stat Modeling in Business Analytics4Business Core
BUS ADM 202 – Managerial Accounting3Business Core
BUS ADM 300 – Career & Professional Development1Business Core
BUS ADM 350 – Principles of Finance3Business Core
BUS ADM 600 – Management Analysis3Business Core
Approved upper division BUS ADM course3Business Core – International Business Requirement
BUS ADM 393 – Business Ethics, Social Responsibility, & Sustainability3General Business Major
BUS ADM 446 – Leadership & Team Building3General Business Major
Competency Areas coursework – varies18General Business Major – chosen from 2-3 areas
Total UWM Credits70
Total WCTC & UWM Credits131