WCTC AAS Surgical Technology to UWM BS Biomedical Sciences: Health Science Completion

The Surgical Technology AAS degree at WCTC teaches students how to assist surgeons in the operating room. Students learn human anatomy, microbiology, medical terminology and surgical instruments. Coursework covers educational concepts such as:

  • Health care and technological science principles
  • Sterilization techniques
  • Patient support
  • Patient, operating room and surgical team preparation
  • Intra-operative and post-operative case management
  • Ethical, legal and professional standards

The Health Science Completion BS at UWM prepares students for jobs in hospitals, government organizations, insurance companies and other clinical or non-clinical settings. Classes emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving and information management. UWM also offers the Health Science Completion program in the competency-based Flexible Option program

Both programs also emphasize:

  • Practical communication skills
  • Responsible and respectful behavior
  • Interpersonal relations

The articulation agreement also recognizes other AAS degrees from WCTC’s School of Health as well as related degrees in human services, public safety and business: 

The transfer pathway below follows the articulation agreement between WCTC’s AAS in Surgical Technology & the BS in Biomedical Sciences: Health Science Completion at UWM.  To have as many courses transfer as possible, follow the course substitutions marked with an asterisk.

For more information about health sciences transfer pathways between WCTC and UWM, fill out the below form:


WCTC Courses and the UWM Equivalent

WCTC CourseCreditsUWM CourseUWM Requirement
801-136 English Composition3ENGLISH 101Elective/Prereq. for ENGLISH 102
801-198 Speech*3COMMUN 103Humanities GER
806-177 General Anatomy & Physiology4BIO SCI 202Elective/Prereq. for BIO SCI 203
806-179 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology4BIO SCI 203Natural Science with lab GER
806-197 Microbiology4BIO SCI 101Natural Science with lab GER
809-166 Intro to Ethics*3PHILOS 241Humanities GER
809-199 Psychology of Human Relations3PSYCH XSSocial Science GER
501-301 Medical Terminology3TRAN-FRE X (41 credits)Electives
512-125 Intro to Surgical Technology 4TRAN-FRE X (41 credits)Electives
512-126 Surgical Tech Fundamentals 14TRAN-FRE X (41 credits)Electives
512-127 Exploring Surgical Issues2TRAN-FRE X (41 credits)Electives
512-128 Surgical Tech Fundamentals 24TRAN-FRE X (41 credits)Electives
512-129 Surgical Pharmacology2TRAN-FRE X (41 credits)Electives
512-130 Surgical Skills Application2TRAN-FRE X (41 credits)Electives
512-131 Surgical Interventions 14TRAN-FRE X (41 credits)Electives
512-132 Surgical Technology Clinical 13TRAN-FRE X (41 credits)Electives
512-133 Surgical Technology Clinical 23TRAN-FRE X (41 credits)Electives
512-135 Surgical Technology Clinical 33TRAN-FRE X (41 credits)Electives
512-136 Surgical Technology Clinical 43TRAN-FRE X (41 credits)Electives
512-142 Surgical Interventions 24TRAN-FRE X (41 credits)Electives
Total WCTC Credits65
*Recommended substitution or elective

UWM Courses to Fulfill Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

UWM CourseCreditsUWM Requirement
ENGLISH 1023Oral & Written Communication – Part A
ENGLISH 206, 207 or other3Oral & Written Communication – Part B
MATH 102, 103, 105, 108 or other3Quantitative Literacy – Part A
KIN 270 or other approved course3Quantitative Literacy – Part B
Language other than English0-8May be met by two years of high school or two semesters of college
Various course options3Art GER
HS 102 Healthcare Delivery in US3Foundation Courses
HCA 220 Leading Healthcare Professionals3Foundation Courses
BMS 205 Intro to Diagnostic Medicine3Foundation Courses
BMS 245 Client Diversity in Health Science3Foundation Courses / Social Sciences & Cultural Diversity GER
BMS 260 Intro Complementary & Integrative Health Approaches3Foundation Courses
THERREC 202 Disability: Society & Person3Advanced Health Science Courses
HS 311 Law & Ethics Healthcare Professionals3Advanced Health Science Courses
KIN 400 Ethics & Values in Health & Fitness3Advanced Health Science Courses
BMS 301 Human Pathophys: Fundamentals1Advanced Health Science Courses
BMS 302 Human Pathophys: Organ Systems I1Advanced Health Science Courses
BMS 303 Human Pathophys: Organ Systems II1Advanced Health Science Courses
BMS 433 Teamwork in Health Professions3Advanced Health Science Courses
BMS 434 Professional Development in Health Science3Advanced Health Science Courses
THERREC 303 Inclusive/Disability Programs3Advanced Health Science Courses
Electives as needed to reach 1204Various course options
Total UWM Credits55
Total WCTC & UWM Credits120