WCTC AAS IT-Web and Software Developer to UWM BS Information Science and Technology

The IT-Web & Software Developer AAS degree at WCTC teaches students to create web applications and develop software solutions. Coursework covers other concepts like:

  • Designing web and software applications
  • Applying data persistence technologies
  • Developing documentation
  • Using infrastructures
  • Analyzing new technologies

The Information Science & Technology BS at UWM prepares students to be IT leaders. Students build on their earlier technical courses to learn:

  • Information science
  • Information architecture
  • Human factors in information seeking and use
  • Information organization, storage and retrieval
  • Applications of the internet

UWM offers the Information Science & Technology program in-person, online, hybrid and competency-based formats. 

Both programs also emphasize:

  • Practical communication skills
  • Critical thinking & problem solving
  • Interpersonal relations

The transfer pathway below follows the School of Information Studies’ broad-based transfer policy for associate degree holders. The policy applies to associate degrees in many related fields, including:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Computer information systems
  • Computer software
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Printing and publishing
  • Visual communications
  • and others

UWM offers other computer-related degrees for students with backgrounds in IT:

To have as many courses transfer as possible, follow the course substitutions marked with an asterisk.

For more information about information studies transfer pathways between WCTC and UWM, fill out the below form:


WCTC Courses and the UWM Equivalent

WCTC CourseCreditsUWM CourseUWM Requirement
801-136 English Composition3ENGLISH 101Elective
801-197 Technical Reporting3ENGLISH 206OWC – PartB/Comm Cross-Functional Elective (C or better waives Part A)
801-198 Speech3COMMUN 103Humanities GER
804-133 Math & Logic3MATH 111Quantitative Lit-Part A/Humanities GER
809-143 Microeconomics3ECON 103Social Science GER
809-199 Psychology of Human Relations3PSYCH XSSocial Science GER
107-119 System Analysis Agile Methods3INFOST XInformation Studies Elective
107-137 IT Internship1INFOST XInformation Studies Elective
152-103 Mobile Application Development2INFOST XInformation Studies Elective
152-105 Intro to Web Development2INFOST XInformation Studies Elective
152-108 Web Server Administration2INFOST XInformation Studies Elective
152-109 .NET Web Development4INFOST XInformation Studies Elective
152-112 Intro to Programming with C#3INFOST XInformation Studies Elective
152-130 Introduction to Java2INFOST XInformation Studies Elective
152-131 Software Architecture2INFOST XInformation Studies Elective
152-145 Advanced Web Services Development2INFOST XInformation Studies Elective
152-168 JavaScript3INFOST XInformation Studies Elective
152-170 IS Project4INFOST XInformation Studies Elective
152-179 JavaScript 24INFOST XInformation Studies Elective
152-197 Distributed Java3INFOST XInformation Studies Elective
156-101 .NET Database Programming3INFOST XInformation Studies Elective
156-108 Intro to Databases & Reporting1INFOST XInformation Studies Elective
156-109 Intro to SQL2INFOST XInformation Studies Elective
890-108 Employment Success (1 credit at WCTC)0TRAN-NODoes not transfer
Total WCTC Credits61
*Recommended substitution or elective

UWM Courses to Fulfill Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

UWM CourseCreditsUWM Requirement
Various course options3Quantitative Literacy – Part B
Language other than English0-8May be met by two years of high school or two semesters of college
Various course options3Art GER
Various course options6-7Natural Science GER – one course with lab
Various course options – may overlap with Art0-3Cultural Diversity GER
INFOST 110 Intro Information Sci & Tech3IST Core Courses
INFOST 240 Web Design I3IST Core Courses
INFOST 290 Project Teams, Leadership & Communication3IST Core Courses
INFOST 310 Human Factors in Info Seeking3IST Core Courses
INFOST 315 Knowledge Organization for IST3IST Core Courses
INFOST 340 Intro to Systems Analysis3IST Core Courses
INFOST 350 Intro to Application Development3IST Core Courses
INFOST 410 Database Info Retrieval Systems3IST Core Courses
INFOST 440 Web Application Development3IST Core Courses
INFOST 490 Senior Capstone3IST Core Courses
INFOST 300-level & higher15IST Upper-division Electives
Various courses as needed to reach 1202General Electives
Total UWM Credits59
Total WCTC & UWM Credits120