UWM Tech Training: A Year Without In-Person Courses

With the sudden influx of remote workers back in March 2020, Teams became a necessity for staff at UWM to continue working. However, without the option for in-person training opportunities, many people were left wondering how to best utilize the new platform and its many features. Then, UWM Tech Training changed everything when they started offering Teams Live Events to help acclimate new users to this brand-new workspace.

In-person technology trainings have been offered since the early 90’s at UWM, but, due to the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, they needed to see immediate change in their environment. During their first live event on March 27, 2020 called “Working Remotely with Teams”, 275 individuals attended the session. Since then, Tech Training has offered 25 other courses with an average of 31 participants in attendance. All current courses run through UWM Tech Training are free to join and course recordings of all previous sessions are available their online training webpage.

With such a sudden change to a brand new environment, course feedback surveys were essential to insuring positive user experiences. Of the responses collected so far, 97% of surveys found the courses to be useful and 100% of surveys found the instructor to be effective. Some of the most used words in the responses recorded by surveys include:

Visit the UWM Tech Training online training webpage to see their full schedule of courses and to find tons of resources!