SharePoint Team Sites & Sites for High-Risk Data

Creating a SharePoint site is a quick and easy way to make a document storage solution for you and your workgroup. How do you create a SharePoint site? You have two options:

  1. Create a Microsoft Team Creating a Team gives you and your workgroup a real-time collaboration space where you can create, save, share, and work simultaneously on documents, posts, and other group-oriented initiatives. Within each individual Team site, your work group gains access to things such as channels, chat, posts, and a files sections to make working together a seamless experience. To learn how to open your SharePoint site via Teams, visit our KB article!
  2. Create a SharePoint Site Creating a Team Site in SharePoint gives you and your workgroup a place to create, save, share, and work simultaneously on documents, lists and other group-oriented initiatives. A SharePoint Team Site is the perfect option for a work group that does not require the full functionality of a Microsoft Team but still desires a dedicated file storage and sharing solution.

These two types of sites are suitable for storing low/moderate-risk data. Please see UW System Administrative Procedure 1031.A to identify what category your data falls under. Faculty, staff, and students who need to store high-risk data in the SharePoint environment should complete the High Risk SharePoint Site Request form.

More resources regarding SharePoint and Teams sites can be found in the UWM KnowledgeBase, and training materials are available on the UWM Tech Training site and LinkedIn Learning.

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, please contact the UWM Help Desk.