Update to Session Length Duration

When using applications for UWM services (Microsoft 365, Canvas, Teams Mobile App, etc.) you must log in using your UWM email address and password and are then prompted to authenticate with Microsoft MFA. Session length refers to the amount of time you are successfully logged in and authenticated in an application. 

On June 14, 2022, an update to session length duration will be made to streamline sessions across all platforms and comply with UW System policy. The new session lengths will be either 12 hours or 90 days depending on the application you are using. Detailed information on the various lengths and applications can be found in our KnowledgeBase article.  

Please note:  

  • This is an update to an already in place process, no new action is required.  
  • The login process will remain the same, as will the process for multi-factor authentication (MFA). 
  •  This update will set a standardized session length for applications and increase UWM’s cybersecurity.  

If you need assistance regarding this topic, please contact the UWM Help Desk.