It’s Job Scam Season!

With the end of the semester at UWM many students may be looking for work. Unfortunately, scammers see this influx of job seekers to the market as a prime time to target university students. It can seem promising to receive a solicitation for a job in your UWM inbox, but here are some things to look out for that may be clues to scam:

  • Too good to be true opportunity/promising language
  • Bad grammar
  • Urgent recruitment

If you receive a solicitation for a job in your inbox, always be skeptical. Read the email carefully and never provide personal information over email. If you are unsure if the job offer is legit, you can always contact the UWM Help Desk for assistance in identifying the offer is real.

For more information on identifying job scam emails, please check out our Job Scam video below:

You can also check out our Phishing video on YouTube for more information on identifying and reporting phishing emails.

To find employment please visit the UWM Career Planning and Resource Center’s website. Here you can create an account with Handshake and search the UWM Job board for reputable opportunities.