The UWM KnowledgeBase: Knowledge is Power!

When it comes to getting self-guided technology help at UWM the KnowledgeBase should be your first stop!

The KnowledgeBase (KB) is a platform run by UW-Madison and was made for easily creating, displaying, sharing, and managing web-based knowledge documents. UWM’s branch of the KB is the second most viewed of Madison’s partners, and we have curated a collection of over 1,000 articles created by UW-Milwaukee campus members. With topics like Microsoft 365, Canvas, PAWS, WiFi, Password Reset instructions, and so much more, the KB has something to offer anyone looking for help.

Last year alone, the KB received 2,113,279 views. To help put this number into perspective, Wisconsin State Fair goers consume over 400,000 cream puffs each year, and in 2019 more than 1,130,000 people attended the fair in total.

With the ever-expanding collection of articles averaging 2,005 views per page, the KB is a great resource to find help and we hope you can find the answer to your next tech question within its pages!

To get started on your self-guided help journey, visit the UWM KnowledgeBase and start your search.