You can find resources that support telephones at UWM on this page.

The Network Operations Center supports wired phones and our wired networks at UWM. Find their contact information and hours of operation below.

For Teams calling support, visit our webpage.

Accessibility Resources

Braille Voicemail

Visual Voicemail

Wisconsin Telecommunication Relay Service

  • Wisconsin Relay is a no-cost service that enables people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind or those with a Speech Disability to place and receive phone calls. Visit their website for more information.
Regulatory Information

The Department of Administration (DOA)/Division of Enterprise Technology (DET) has consistently been providing its Wisconsin Telecommunications Relay Service (WTRS) since 1992, complying with the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) minimum mandatory requirements as identified in Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which can be found at its the most cost-effective ideas and technique to restrain or reduce the cost of WTRS, and to promote ideas about community outreach.

Costs Associated with Campus Landlines
Moving phone number(s)Within one buildingMoving phone number(s) means phone number(s) are removed from one or more jack(s) and installed on one or more jack(s) in another location.UWM$82 /HrN/A
Moving phone number(s)From one to another buildingMoving phone number(s) means phone number(s) are removed from one or more jack(s) in a building and installed on one or more jack(s) in another building.UWM, AT&T$82 /Hr$44 /One-time service order charge + $20.65 /Phone number
Adding phone numbers(s)Within one buildingAdding phone number(s) means you want to keep the phone number(s) in their current jack(s) in a building and put on additional jack(s) in that building.UWM$82 /HrN/A
Installing new phone numbers(s)Within one buildingInstalling new phone number(s) means a new, unique phone number is needed for jack(s) in a building.UWM, AT&T, CenturyLink$82 /Hr$44 /One-time service order charge + $20.65 /Phone number
Removing phone numbers(s)Within one buildingRemoving phone number(s) means phone number(s) will be taken off specified jack(s): phone number(s) will remain in any other jack(s) on which they're located.UWM$82 /HrN/A
Disconnecting phone numbers(s)Within one buildingDisconnecting means the phone number(s) will be completely removed from the jack(s) within a building and won't be available for use. All associated features(ie: voice mailboxes, forwarding, special applications, etc.) will be removed and department will no longer be billed for them.UWM, AT&T, Unity, CenturyLinkNo chargeNo charge
Creating new voice mailbox(es)N/AA new basic/standard voice mailbox(es) will be created for the specified phone number(s).UnityN/AN/A
Removing voice mailbox(es)N/AVoice mailbox(es) associated with the specified phone number(s) will be deleted.UnityN/AN/A
Repair of 1 phone numberWithin one buildingMaximum charge if vendors were needed.UWM, AT&T$82 /Hr$70 trip charge + $25 /15 minutes

* Actual costs may vary slightly

* If an estimate for new data/voice jack installation or other work is desired, please, fill out a Wired Network and Telephone Services request.

Dialing Instructions

If you are placing a call from one on-campus landline to another on-campus landline you may place the call by dialing the last four digits of the 7 digit phone number. For example, if the 7 digit phone number is 229-1122, the last four digits would be 1122.

If you are placing a call from an on-campus landline to a local, long distance, or international phone number, you must dial 9 followed by the one digit country code, the 3-digit area code, and the 7-digit phone number. For example: 9+1+(414) 229-1122.

Most local calling is free, but charges are incurred for:

  • Operator assistance
  • Directory assistance*
  • Long distance dialing

*Free directory assistance is available at When calling directory assistance, dial the number yourself rather than having the operator connect you.

Emergency Phones

Emergency telephones provide an automatic connection to emergency services. Depending on the phone’s location, you will either be connected to UWM’s Police Department or the Milwaukee Police Department. You can find emergency phones throughout campus, including at least one telephone on each level of parking structures.

Emergency phones can be found in bright yellow boxes mounted on black poles topped with blue lights. The black poles have EMERGENCY written on them and the yellow cases are marked for emergency use. See image for reference.

To use an Emergency Phone:

  1. Open the door to the box.
  2. Hold the red button until the call is answered.
    • Placing a call using an emergency phone will provide police with that phone’s location.

These telephones are intended for emergency use only. Emergency use includes fires, medical emergencies, crimes in progress/that have just occurred, and reporting suspicious people & activities.

Handling Threatening Calls

If you feel threatened, abused, or harassed by a phone call:

  1. Hang up immediately.
  2. If you continue to receive similar calls, contact the UWM Police Department.
    • Calls including threats to life and/or property should be reported to the UWM Police Department immediately.
  3. Write down the statements made by the caller or record the call.
    • Keep track of the date, time, and phone line the call came in on.
  4. If you have received the call via voicemail, do not erase the message until directed to do so by the UWM Police Department.
  5. If these calls continue, the UWM Police Department can try tracing the caller.
    • It is important to note that the caller’s name and telephone number will not be shared with the person who generated the complaint.
Telephone Troubleshooting

Below you can find troubleshooting information for when telephone issues arise.


Wall jacks have two access points: one for phone and one for computer data. Be sure to plug the phone cord into the voice portion of the wall jack. It is white and may be labeled with a “V”.

Phone not ringing

Common causes:

  • The ringer may be off.
    • Check to make sure the ringer is on.
  • The phone cord is loose or in the wrong port.
    • Make sure your phone cords are securely plugged into the back of the phone and into the jack.
    • The phone cord should only be plugged into the white portion of the jack.
  • Hardware malfunctions happen.
    • A faulty phone/cord may cause this problem. Replace your existing phone with one you know is working to test for this issue.

If your issue persists, please contact Network and Telephone Services.

Ringer duration is too short

This is usually caused by the call forwarding feature. To disable, dial “122,” wait for the tone, and hang up.

If your issue persists, please contact Network and Telephone Services.

Can't answer forwarded calls

This is usually caused by the call forwarding feature. To disable, dial “122,” wait for the tone, and hang up.

If your issue persists, please contact Network and Telephone Services.


Common causes for crosstalk issues include:

  • Multiple buttons being pressed simultaneously
  • Conference button being pressed
  • Phone malfunction

If your issue persists, please contact Network and Telephone Services.

Static/noise online

The most common reason for noise issues is because of a broken phone cord. Replace your current phone and cord with one you know is working. Make sure the phone is plugged into the white portion of the jack.

If your issue persists, please contact Network and Telephone Services.

Can't access voicemail box

If you receive a message saying that the box cannot be accessed, a PIN reset may be needed.

Contact Network and Network Telephone Services to have your PIN reset.

No dial tone

Common causes for no dial tones:

  • Loose/broken phone cords
  • Phone cords plugged into the wrong portion of the jack
  • Multiple buttons being pressed simultaneously
  • Conference button being pressed
  • Phone malfunctions
  • No phone number connected to the jack
    • If you would like to add/move a phone number to a voice jack, please complete a service order here.

Please note: If your phone is connected to a shared line, it is important to check all phones with the same telephone number for issues. To help diagnose issues with shared phone lines:

  1. Unplug all telephones that share a phone number with the problem phone.
  2. One at a time, plug a telephone into the white jack to see if the problem persists.
  3. Repeat the procedure for every telephone that shares the problem phone number.
  4. If you find one or more of the telephones don’t work, those telephones will need to be replaced by your department.
  5. For a full list of phones using the same number, contact Network and Telephone Services.
Voicemail Resources
As a member of UWM’s campus, you have 2 options for voicemail services:

  • Purchase an answering machine from wherever your department does their office-supply purchasing
  • Request a state-provided voice mailbox be created for you campus phone number here

Additional information to keep in mind while using voicemail:

  • A single phone line can have up to three voice mailboxes.
  • A single voice mailbox can receive messages from several phone lines.
  • Certain applications offer the option of asking the caller questions and soliciting a response.
  • Call boxes allow you to leave a greeting or information for the caller but do not allow the caller to leave a message.

If you have voicemail issues or questions, contact the Network Operations Center:

Voicemail Resources

Listening to messages
  1. Access your voicemail.
  2. To listen to new messages, press 1.
    • To listen to saved messages, press 3 then 1.
    • To listen to deleted messages, press 3 then 2.
Setting Up & Accessing Voicemail

Setting up your Voice Mailbox

  1. Access your Voice Mailbox using the steps outlined under “Accessing Your Voice Mailbox”.
  2. From there, follow the auto enrollment instructions.
  3. Once you have completed setup, the system will prompt you that you have finished enrollment.
    • If you don’t complete the process, the system will not enroll the mailbox and you will not hear this prompt.
  4. You are prompted to set up a recorded name, personal greeting and change your password.
  5. To exit, press * or hang up.

Accessing Your Voice Mailbox

  1. If you are calling from an on-campus landline, dial 9+1+(414) 227-5140.
  2. If you are calling from the phone associated with the mailbox, press *.
  3. Enter your ID (area code + 7-digit phone number of the voice mailbox being set-up) followed by the pound sign (#).
    • If you hear “I did not recognize that as a valid entry”, that 10-digit phone number does not have a state-provided voice mailbox.
  4. Enter PIN followed by the pound sign (#).
    • If you haven’t set up your mailbox yet, type: 78283942014 followed by the pound sign (#).
    • If your PIN has been reset, type: 4142295800 followed by the pound sign (#).
    • If you’ve forgotten your PIN or hear “PIN is invalid” contact the Network Operations Center using the contact information at the top of this page.
  5. Follow prompts until the end to complete enrollment
Recording Greetings

To record a greeting once you have set up your voicemail, press 1 then 3.

Recording your name as your greeting:

  1. Press 1.
  2. At the tone, say your first and last name.
  3. When done, press the pound sign (#).
  4. It will play your newly recorded name back.
  5. Press the pound sign (#) to keep it, or press 1 to re-record.

Recording a personalized greeting:

  1. Press 1, then 1 again.
  2. Speak your greeting.
  3. When done, press the pound sign (#).
  4. It will play your newly recorded greeting back.
  5. To accept this greeting and continue, press the pound sign (#). To re-record, press 1

Changing your greeting preferences or switching to an alternate greeting:

  • To change preferences from initial menu, press 4
  • To re-record your greeting, press 1 then 1
  • To turn your alternate greeting on/off, press 1 then 2
  • To edit greetings, press 1 then 3
  • To edit your standard greeting, press 1, then 3, then 1
  • To edit your alternate greeting, press 1, then 3, then 2
Changing Your PIN
  • Enter your new PIN (see below for PIN criteria), then #
  • Re-enter your new PIN, then #

Pin Criteria

  • At least 10-digits
  • Not the phone number of the voice mailbox
  • Digits are not all the same (ex, 9999).
  • Digits are not consecutive (ex, 1234 or 4321).
  • Spells their first or last name, their organization or company name, or any other obvious words.
  • Contains their primary extension –forward or reverse of digits
  • Uses the same digits more than twice in a row (ex, 900012).
  • Is 1-digit increment of a previous password (ex, 20185 to 20186).
  • Contains fewer than three different digits (ex, 18181).

Unable to access your voicemail?

If there is a message that states that the mailbox cannot be accessed, contact the Network Operations Center to reset your pin:

Options during/after message playback
  • Restart, press 1
  • Save, press 2
  • Delete, press 3
  • Reply (and begin recording), press 4
  • Stop recording/listen, press 4 then 1
  • Delete recording/restart, press 4 then 3
  • Stop recording, press 4 then #
  • To save as new, press 6
Sending Voicemails

To send a message to someone’s voicemail:

  1. From initial menu, press 2
  2. Enter 10-digit number, then record your message